Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving in Prague

Prague may still be our favorite trip of all time, not because it was the most beautiful - although it was, not because the people were the nicest -although they were, and not because the food was the best, although it was great...but because it was our first.

It was when Jon and I fell in love with traveling. When we fell in love with being foreigners and trying so hard to pass as locals (although with our camera's and maps I guess we weren't trying too hard). Although Jon and I had been on many camping adventures and climbing adventures this was our first real international adventure and we knew this trip had changed our lives forever.

(I know some of you are thinking I thought you took your honeymoon in Cancun - we did but going to an all inclusive resort doesn't count - in our eyes - as an international adventure.)
  1. When you really need to use the bathroom and you ask a room full of police officers in perfectly executed Czech, German, English, Spanish and sign language where the restroom is, it will still result in you peeing in a bush outside.
  2. Becherovka
  3. Walking in circles for hours trying to find a certain restaurant only to end up at the wrong restaurant having lunch with the Mayor of Prague.
  4. Budweiser Budvar
  5. Charmian "wandering off" in the Christmas market and getting lost.
  6. Gluhwein
  7. Little old ladies who aren't afraid to tell Jon, in any language he will understand, that she knows best.