Thursday, September 29, 2011


Italy here we come!

I have been busy doing nothing it seems.  Not having our stroller is really cramping my style but we are currently on hold for our stroller purchase for a few reasons.
1. We are waiting to see what we'll get from insurance.
2. The stroller we want is significantly less expensive in The States.  So we're trying to figure out the most cost effective way of getting the stroller.
3. We don't know if we should buy the stroller right now because of some other things that are currently up in the air.

I'm not missing our stroller as much as I could be because this week has been busy.  I'm trying to get us ready to go on a road trip to Italy!  Yeah!  We found out that one of our friends was going to Italy and in true Eich-fashion we invited ourselves.  We figured it was a win-win; we're providing him with some company, sharing expenses for the trip, and lets face it we're awesome!  (Okay, really I just needed a third reason why it was a win-win ;o)  We are so excited!  I've been having to do almost everything on my own because Jon has been busy with other things, that I'm sure he'll be ready to disclose soon.

But all in all, YEAH! things are good!  And we're going to Italy!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Newest Marrieds

Welcome to the world little 
Keagan Thomas!!!

On this - your one month birthday - I want to officially induct you into the Marrieds.
You are now the youngest marrieds, 
knocking poor little Brady out of his very short reign.

You better get your rest because you have four little marrieds (not counting your big sister) 
and six big marrieds (not counting your folks) who can't wait to play with you.

I'm glad to see you're such a laid back traveler because 
you'll be doing a fair share of globetrotting before you know it.  

Already flexing - showing us those little guns!

Look at that face - I have a feeling you're not going to have any problem keeping up 
and you'll be giving all of the kiddos a run for their money before we know it.

Happy Boy!

But not nearly as happy as we are to have you here with us!
Welcome to your extended marrieds family little Keagan.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cloth Diapers?!?

I don't know if...

1. I'm so thorough that I answered everyone's questions in the original posts
2. Nobody is reading my cloth diaper posts
3. Nobody cares about cloth diapers

...but I only ended up with one question about cloth diapering.
Which leads me to this post.

What 2.0

So, you want to know what exactly I'm using to diaper, well here you go.

Alessandra wears the AI2 - OS Soft Bums Echo diaper cover with 

the Organic Bamboo inserts.

I absolutely love these diapers and have/would recommend them to everyone.  Once you get the diapers sized for your kiddo by adjusting the tiny little toggles that hide between the waterproof and soft lining of the cover, changing these diapers is a snap.  Literally - You snap in the inserts, put the diaper on like you would a disposable folding the extra bit of liner in between the legs for extra absorbency, close the velcro, and your done.

We use the Thirsties Fab Wipes as our cloth wipes, but we don't just use these things at diaper changes.  They are AMAZING; very absorbent, with a textured side and a smooth side for whatever kind of mess comes your way, and they are so fun and colorful.  In a nutshell I love them.  We use them for; dirty hands, faces, and tooshies, as her wash cloths, dust rags, and they work great for cleaning the tub and windows.

At the Changing Table

Wipes Solution/Container
In an empty disposable wipes container fill with water and then add 1 TBS baby soap and 2 TBS baby oil, stir gently.  Instead of baby oil you can also use olive or coconut oil.  Take a handful of your cloth wipes and slowly submerge them in the solution until they have absorbed all the liquid.  They will be dripping wet when you take them out of the container so make sure to wring them out well before you use them at diaper changes or for sticky fingers and faces.

Diaper Cream
I am still using my first tube of diaper rash cream and that's because Alessandra hardly ever gets a rash.  I really think this is because of the cloth wipes.  When she has gotten a rash it's been when we've been using disposable wipes, maybe it's a coincidence but regardless when her heinie does get a little red this stuff knocks it out - and quick!

Wet Bags
All the wet, stinky stuff has to go somewhere and I prefer these zippered wet bags from Planet Wise as we don't really have room for a large trash can with a pail liner to hold all the stinky diaps.

Hanging Diaper Organizer
This awesome organizer is from Ikea.  It isn't only fun and whimsical but this Frog Prince keeps this OCD mom as organized as she likes.  :o)

On The Go

Diaper Bag
My Skip Hop Via Messenger Bag has so many pockets to help me find everything quickly.  There are stroller clips to keep the bag at hands reach right on the handlebar.  It's just the right size for me to carry a full days worth of necessities without being too big.  The following is a list of everything currently in my diaper bag;  cloth diapers, cloth wipes, medium size wet bag, the bottom half of the changing mat (below), a change of clothes, a couple small toys, a snack, a receiving blanket, my nursing cover, a burp cloth, travel size diaper cream and hand sanitizer, kleenex, a couple pacifiers, all my necessities (wallet, change purse, phone, keys, lip gloss, sunscreen, pen...) plus my large water bottle and Alessandra's little one.  
Whew - Now that was a list! 
Skip Hop Travel Changing Mat
Skip Hop Travel Wipes Container

Grab 5-7 wipes out of  the changing table
 wipes bucket and wring them out well.
  Put them in this over sized wipes case
 and your set for a day of messy fun.

Travel Inserts
There have been times when I knew I was going to be out longer than cloth would hold me but not long enough to buy a whole package of diapers so I have used these flushable, compostable (wet only), biodegradable diaper inserts.  They work perfectly in the Soft Bums covers to get me from diaper change to diaper change leak free.  Warning for you Penny Pinchers out there, they are a bit pricier than regular disposables would be - but they are so darn convenient.  


Laundry Detergent
I can't say enough good things about this laundry detergent.  My diapers still look like new and on the rare occasion I do get a stubborn poop stain an afternoon in a sunny window bleaches them out without any extra work on my part.

There you go, that's everything I use to diaper my kiddo.
Hope this helps!
All of the  opinions in this post are mine and I was not paid or given any of these products to review.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So much to say...

...and so little time.

I have so many posts that I need to do, like my Newest Marrieds post for my little Keagan, and my Sweet Pea is 10 months old post, and the Things I don't want to forget post.  But I've been so busy doing a ton of research (AGAIN) on what stroller will work best for our family in our current and possible future environment.

So here's what we need.  We need a light, compact stroller that locks when closed so we can easily get it on and off trains and up and down four flights of stairs.  We need an all terrain stroller with larger foam filled tires so we can get around Leipzig's cobble stone streets, forests, and snow/ice.  We need a seat that will accommodate our little Sweet Pea until she doesn't want to ride in a stroller any more.  We need a stroller with a large canopy to keep her fair skin shaded from the sun.  We would like to have an adjustable push bar, and a large basket but these would just be perks.  We also need the stroller to be fairly affordable.  Now keep in mind as long as I'm here in Leipzig this stroller is our form of transportation.  It's how I do our shopping, how I get my exercise, how I'm able to get out and see my friends.  So when I say affordable I don't mean $100.00 it'll probably be closer to $400.00.  UUGGHH!

Anyway, that's where I've been - online shopping, review reading, and price comparing.  I promise I'll be back soon.  But I need to get this taken care of first.

If you have any suggestions on strollers I'm all ears!!!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Adorable Faces

of Little Miss Alessandra Mae!

Friday, September 16, 2011


but I have a feeling, come morning, she'll be nose to nose with me again.  

Thursday, September 15, 2011


...I've been lonely.
     My best girlfriend here in Leipzig has been away for a few weeks and I miss our walks and talks.  I miss seeing our girls play.  I miss her sweets and insights.
     Back at home in CO my girlfriends are having babies and getting married and I feel like I'm missing so much.
     Jon has been busy with school and classmates (although this is already getting better and we're getting to see more of him :o)

...I've been happy.
     Alessandra is thriving and becoming her own little person and I love seeing her grow and discover her world.  It seems like there isn't a place she can't get into and when I need a little break I just plop her in Tigger.
     Dotty seems to be doing well and Ripley seems to be doing better (although she's still barking but because of the lack of support from my neighbors in the last week I'm not as worried about upsetting them.)
     We found an amazing babysitter which has allowed me to join Jon on some of his end of school get together and watching Jon doing karaoke with  his friends definitely makes me happy.

...I've been stressed.
     Our world is up in the air right now as we wait to see where Jon will get a job.  I don't see the stress going away until we know where we will be going.
     Money has been tight.

...I've been angry.
     My stroller was stolen on Sunday night from inside my locked building.  So it was one of my neighbors or one of their "visitors".  The landlord won't do anything, the neighbors haven't said anything, and the police don't speak English so it has been a very frustrating process.  Hopefully we can get the insurance money so we can get a new one soon.

...I've been making new friends.
     One of my friends, Candace, told me about an English speaking Christian church here in Leipzig and we've been going for the last few weeks and I've been able to meet some new moms in the area.

...I've been frustrated.
     I decided to start trying to lose weight and well, it's not happening.

...I've been tired.
     I'm a mom and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  :o)

...I've been sad.
     The last few weeks at church and the families with young boys have made me miss my boy.  It's hard to explain the ache I feel when I see little boys.  I'm happy and I love seeing them play but the ache is still there.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

 is never easy, and it's even harder when it's one of your best friends.  It's Simon's last night in Leipzig so a handful of us went out to see him off in style (which is just how Simon likes to roll ;o)  Jon and I made a point to be there on time which was funny because for the first time in HHL history the Eich's were the first to arrive.  


When the guest of honor arrived we were able to get yet another photo of 
Alessandra fussing with poor Uncle Simon.  
I honestly don't know why he likes her 
but despite her best efforts he still thinks she's pretty special.

It helped that Alessandra was fussing with everyone but me.

Not even Daddy was safe from the Fussy Monster!

 The Three Amigos

Saying goodbye is much easier when it's goodbye for now and not goodbye for good.  
So Uncle Simon, we'll see you soon!