Thursday, September 29, 2011


Italy here we come!

I have been busy doing nothing it seems.  Not having our stroller is really cramping my style but we are currently on hold for our stroller purchase for a few reasons.
1. We are waiting to see what we'll get from insurance.
2. The stroller we want is significantly less expensive in The States.  So we're trying to figure out the most cost effective way of getting the stroller.
3. We don't know if we should buy the stroller right now because of some other things that are currently up in the air.

I'm not missing our stroller as much as I could be because this week has been busy.  I'm trying to get us ready to go on a road trip to Italy!  Yeah!  We found out that one of our friends was going to Italy and in true Eich-fashion we invited ourselves.  We figured it was a win-win; we're providing him with some company, sharing expenses for the trip, and lets face it we're awesome!  (Okay, really I just needed a third reason why it was a win-win ;o)  We are so excited!  I've been having to do almost everything on my own because Jon has been busy with other things, that I'm sure he'll be ready to disclose soon.

But all in all, YEAH! things are good!  And we're going to Italy!



  1. When are you going?  With whom?  20 Questions!!!  Have an awesome time and how nice that you can make this trip. 

  2. Meet us in Barcelona and we'll bring the stroller to you ;-) Have a GREAT time in Italy!!!!

  3. Actually that may be perfect, we'll keep you posted.