Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Hot...

...sweaty knee pits hot.  But...
I got a hug from my mom today. 
Uncle Jeremy rolled around in the wood chips with Alessandra this afternoon.
I had a lunch/dinner date with my hubby.
and Weepaw helped Alessandra eat her ice cream tonight.

So, my knee pits may be sweaty - but my heart is happy.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Think I'm Gonna Cry!

I just found out that Jon won't be getting in until the 19th.  When he said he was going to get home on the 18th I assumed he meant that he would be HOME ON THE 18TH, not coming home on the 18th and here on the 19th.  I am so upset.  I leave the morning of the 20th so that means I'm going to have about 16 hours with him before I have to leave.  UUUGGGHHH!  I am missing him so badly.  Alessandra is missing him so badly.  When we skype she tells him "stop" and "don't" and then looks behind the screen.  She wants to stop skyping and start snuggling and so do I.

Well, today is also Father's Day so a very Happy Father's Day to all of the Father's and Grandfather's in my life.  I love you all.  Alessandra presented Jon with his gift this afternoon/morning.  Alessandra was excited to give it and Jon was surprised/happy to receive it.    YAY!!!!  Job well done Mommy!!!

Better scoot, Alessandra is tormenting the girls by chasing them around the house with her ladybug and tractor.  She's such a naughty little girl  ;o)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't Want to Jinx It

I am having a moment.  I can hear...and it is so nice. Everyone has their eyes closed and I'm thinking about my trip to CO.  I need to pick up. and clean. and run errands. and do laundry. and pack.  But right now I'm sitting hear listening to the...and enjoying my quick and quiet moment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arts and Crafts

When Jon's away I don't have anyone convincing me to just cuddle in the chair and watch shows at night. So from the time Alessandra hits the hay to the time I get sleepy I've had some time to work on the arts and crafts projects I've had on my to do list.

Here is a picture of Alessandra's new ceiling mobile.  I braided some ribbon to make the stems, added paper leaves and buttons for the center of the flowers and then add the colorful tulips and fairies from her baby mobile.  They are encircling her moon drop ceiling light.  

If I had to name Alessandra's room style I guess I would call it a magical garden.  Her room is very colorful but is mostly green, pink, red, and white.  

Alessandra's Frog Prince wall organizer.

Alessandra's little tent that I made from her baby activity mat.  
She and the girls love using it for quiet time.  

This is a really bad picture but this is her new toy/clothes organizer.
The buckets are all red, green, pink, and white.

She hasn't learned to crawl up it yet but it's only a matter of time.  :o)

Alessandra's clothes hamper is a pink daisy.  

She loves putting clothes in her hamper 
and she has been missing her daily task of cleaning up after Daddy.

Alessandra's crib and a close up of the bumper and pillow.  

I have yet to put up her dancer picture which I really need to do, she loves that picture.  I've been waiting until I get my big wall art project done and her big girl bed/guest bed moved in and the crib/changing table moved out.  So as the room starts to come together a little bit more I'll keep you posted but for now I think it's looking pretty darn good.  :o)


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Check This Out.

I was finally able to get some pictures up.  Check out these posts to see them for yourself.

My Sweet Pea is 18 Months Old  &  Happy Mothers Day to Me

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Little Rain Showers

Today we had rain.  Not dark stormy rain cloud rain, but happy little rain showers.  You know the ones - rain floats down and it feels like you've walked under a mister at the amusement park.  It was wonderful. Not only was the weather fun and sprinkley but it was also day 4 of my singlmomdom (Jon's away on business.) which means I finally got over the single mommy hump.

What I've found in the few times that I've had to take care of EVERYTHING all on my own is that it takes about three days to get in the groove.  Picking up your spouses responsibilities, deciding what daily tasks are really important, which ones can be done less frequently, what things can wait until your singlemomdom comes to an end, and which ones you definitely need to tackle because you don't have anyone telling you not to do it.  :o)  Being a single parent is so tough and my hat's off to all of you who call this your norm.  I'm glad my reign in singlemomdom is usually short and infrequent.

As I type this my little one is starting to squawk so I better be off.  Good night!