Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arts and Crafts

When Jon's away I don't have anyone convincing me to just cuddle in the chair and watch shows at night. So from the time Alessandra hits the hay to the time I get sleepy I've had some time to work on the arts and crafts projects I've had on my to do list.

Here is a picture of Alessandra's new ceiling mobile.  I braided some ribbon to make the stems, added paper leaves and buttons for the center of the flowers and then add the colorful tulips and fairies from her baby mobile.  They are encircling her moon drop ceiling light.  

If I had to name Alessandra's room style I guess I would call it a magical garden.  Her room is very colorful but is mostly green, pink, red, and white.  

Alessandra's Frog Prince wall organizer.

Alessandra's little tent that I made from her baby activity mat.  
She and the girls love using it for quiet time.  

This is a really bad picture but this is her new toy/clothes organizer.
The buckets are all red, green, pink, and white.

She hasn't learned to crawl up it yet but it's only a matter of time.  :o)

Alessandra's clothes hamper is a pink daisy.  

She loves putting clothes in her hamper 
and she has been missing her daily task of cleaning up after Daddy.

Alessandra's crib and a close up of the bumper and pillow.  

I have yet to put up her dancer picture which I really need to do, she loves that picture.  I've been waiting until I get my big wall art project done and her big girl bed/guest bed moved in and the crib/changing table moved out.  So as the room starts to come together a little bit more I'll keep you posted but for now I think it's looking pretty darn good.  :o)



  1. SO cute! I love the mobile!! And the toy organizer is awesome.

  2. WOW!!! That moblie is amazing.  You are so crafty Charmian.  I love the pictures of the room.  So cleaver and cute.

  3. Lisa Kriederman18/6/12 10:56 AM

    Great job!  I love it!  

  4. I love her room!! So cute!