Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Think I'm Gonna Cry!

I just found out that Jon won't be getting in until the 19th.  When he said he was going to get home on the 18th I assumed he meant that he would be HOME ON THE 18TH, not coming home on the 18th and here on the 19th.  I am so upset.  I leave the morning of the 20th so that means I'm going to have about 16 hours with him before I have to leave.  UUUGGGHHH!  I am missing him so badly.  Alessandra is missing him so badly.  When we skype she tells him "stop" and "don't" and then looks behind the screen.  She wants to stop skyping and start snuggling and so do I.

Well, today is also Father's Day so a very Happy Father's Day to all of the Father's and Grandfather's in my life.  I love you all.  Alessandra presented Jon with his gift this afternoon/morning.  Alessandra was excited to give it and Jon was surprised/happy to receive it.    YAY!!!!  Job well done Mommy!!!

Better scoot, Alessandra is tormenting the girls by chasing them around the house with her ladybug and tractor.  She's such a naughty little girl  ;o)



  1. Wait, what? Where is Jon? And isn't he coming to CO with you????
    Hugs from afar-

  2. Grandmommy19/6/12 9:49 PM

    It was a very special Father's Day gift, even though she didn't like having paint on her hands.