Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Denver Zoo Lights with the Hullabaloos

While Jon was home we definitely wanted to see our Hullabaloos, so we set up a Zoo Lights date at the Denver Zoo.  Jon and I have never been so we were excited to see all the animals, Christmas lights, and of course the Hullabaloos.

Our first family squishy!

There were a lot of lights

but not many animals.

But lets be honest - we really went to see these crazy little animals.

In fact most of the animals we saw were just running in circles 
with kids on their backs.


It was cold but we made sure to bundle up

and cuddle close!

Thank you for such a great night Hullabaloos - we miss you sooo much!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sweetest Family of Four...

...wait a second!!

That's my little girl.

She sure does look comfortable with her CP's - don't you think?


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Godfather

Today we officially became the Godparents to Conner Jae Enfume.  I can't tell you how honored we are and how hard it was to get through the service without crying - I'll blame it on the baby hormones ;o)  There is something so touching about your friends liking you enough to give you something as important as the role of spiritual leader and stand in parent for their child.  We will try our hardest to be the best Godparents we can be.  

Conner we love you and we're so glad you're ours!!!

After the ceremony we headed out to lunch to celebrate.
Conner and Alessandra slept through most of the party but the rest of us still had a good time.

Bethany and Alessandra


Heather "UUUGGHHH" - Holden "D'OH"

I have never seen a little boy love a little girl as much as Holden has loved Alessandra.  
And the crush started when she was still in my belly.  

Heather, Holden, and Alessandra

Such a sweet ending to such a wonderful morning!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Daddy's Home


 Do you want to know the first thing you did after you shared some snuggles and smiles

 you peed on him.

I guess that's why we call you 

Sweet Pea!

The Christmas Sweater Party

The Marrieds 
Christmas 2010

Mr. and Mrs. A+Turbo Marg hosted an awesome Christmas party and everyone was wearing their very best Christmas sweaters.  ;o)  Although it wasn't an official Marrieds get together, all of the Marrieds were there so it was pretty much an awesome evening.

Kendra, Lilah, and Todd
The Reps
Luke and Katie
The A+Turbo Margs
Jeremy, Conner, Heather, and Holden
The Enfumes
Charmian, Alessandra, and Jon
The Eichs

 Have I ever told you that I have the most amazing friends EVER, 
I just wanted to remind you.

Jeremy and Heather
Don't you just love the matching sweater vests - awesome!

The kiddos

Holden and Lilah


 The only bummer is Jon was EXHAUSTED he was coming out of 36 hours of trying to get home for Christmas.  He pretty much just sat in a chair and loved on his daughter all night long, which was just fine with the rest of us.

I love that Pearce even made it in this photo - look at the halo above Jon's head


Monday, December 20, 2010

The Newest Marrieds

Although I didn't get pictures of the Enfumes with Alessandra for the first time, they came over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. But the rest of the Marrieds had yet to meet my little Sweet Pea, until today.

As you can see she snuggled right in.  :oP  She loved seeing and hanging out with her Marrieds almost as much as I did.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hangin' with GG and the McCarthys

Just before Christmas GG came for a visit so she could meet and snuggle with me, her newest Great Grandbaby.  The McCarthy family decided it would also be a good time to see GG so they popped on over to the Eichelberger Ranch for a whirlwind family weekend.  

Everyone, including Ripley, enjoyed some of my baby snuggles!

Thanks Michael, Sherry, Heidi, and GG for a great, cuddly day!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Smiles and Dresses

On Wednesday Alessandra smiled at me.  She has been smiling in her sleep since day one and smiling randomly off and on for the first couple of weeks but Wednesday, December 15th Alessandra smiled at me.  Now I know everyone says that babies this young don't smile, but I'm telling you she did.  
I was talking to her and being silly - 
I know, so weird, Charmian was being silly - 
anyway I was smiling so big at her and she smiled a big gummy smile
right back at me.  
I have to tell you my heart melted and it made the
chapped nipples and sleepless nights so worthwhile.  
Since Wednesday I have received a handful of smiles,
Grandmommy and WeePaw have been able to steal a few
and Jon was even able to grab a couple via Skype.

I have yet to capture the smile on camera but as soon as I do you better believe I'll post it!

Today Alessandra wore her very first dress!

I have to say she was so stinkin' cute and I'm definitely going to have to dress her that way more often.  
(Oh does anyone out there know where I can find some baby leg-warmers? 
Tights don't really fit her yet but I don't want her little legs to get cold.)

We had to go back to the hospital today so Alessandra could have an ultrasound of her hips done to make sure she didn't have hip dysplasia.  Even though she's a girl and was breech everything is just fine.


Okay that's it for me, 
my little Sweet Pea is finally snoozing here on my chest
so that means it's time for me to head to bed.