Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Started

Tonight I got to thinking...if I don't start blogging again I may never do it.  So here goes my first attempt at getting back on the blogging wagon after bringing little Alessandra home.

So today was an awesome day, my Mom (Grandmommy), Alessandra and I ran some errands.  We had several things on our list and we got two of them done - That's something - Right?!?

Anyway, we stopped by Archivers and picked up some things for Alessandra's baby book and then went by Bosom Buddies and bought me a nursing bra - Yeah, two things accomplished!!!  Now if only I could get all of my Christmas shopping done, oh well there's always tomorrow!

Tonight Alessandra and I had the house to ourselves so we ate dinner, watched a chic flick, and had some tummy time - a perfect mommy and me evening if you ask this mommy :o)

Here are some pictures of the Eich girls enjoying some tummy time.

Dot standing guard - no one can interrupt tummy time!
Ripley giving Alessandra a little encouragement!

Ripley joining in on the fun!

So the plan going forward is to keep you all up to date while filling in all of the things I missed while I was on my little baby leave!

Good night and I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Lisa Kriederman12/12/10 11:10 PM

    So fun, and I"m so happy your blogging again! I commend you, that takes a lot of time where I barely do it anymore, and here you are with her and still finding the time - awesome. And she's wearing the Buggy onesie I made!!!! Too cute :) Can't wait to hang with you girls again - hugs!

  2. She practically lives in your onesies - in fact it was your Sweet Pea onesie that helped us come up with her nickname. She peed on Jon when he was getting her ready for bed and he had to change her pj's and he put on the sweet pea one and he was like "well isn't that appropriate". It was pretty funny!
    Love you Chisa!!