Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Sweater Party

The Marrieds 
Christmas 2010

Mr. and Mrs. A+Turbo Marg hosted an awesome Christmas party and everyone was wearing their very best Christmas sweaters.  ;o)  Although it wasn't an official Marrieds get together, all of the Marrieds were there so it was pretty much an awesome evening.

Kendra, Lilah, and Todd
The Reps
Luke and Katie
The A+Turbo Margs
Jeremy, Conner, Heather, and Holden
The Enfumes
Charmian, Alessandra, and Jon
The Eichs

 Have I ever told you that I have the most amazing friends EVER, 
I just wanted to remind you.

Jeremy and Heather
Don't you just love the matching sweater vests - awesome!

The kiddos

Holden and Lilah


 The only bummer is Jon was EXHAUSTED he was coming out of 36 hours of trying to get home for Christmas.  He pretty much just sat in a chair and loved on his daughter all night long, which was just fine with the rest of us.

I love that Pearce even made it in this photo - look at the halo above Jon's head



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the crazy Christmas sweaters!!!

  2. It was pretty great!
    What I wouldn't give to see you and Patrick in your matching sweater vests ;o)
    Miss you - give P a squeeze for me.