Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five Minutes

That's approximately how long I have before I'll lose my internet connection again.  But I wanted you all to know that we are safe and sound in Dusseldorf.

Jon found our flat - a comfy little three room in the Zoo District.  I was worried.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted or where I wanted it.  I've only been here for five days and already I can see that I'm going to  LOVE this place.  It's about a 30 minute commute for Jon by tram and may be a bit less once we get him a bike.  I wanted to be really close to Jon's work and the English Church but that didn't happen.  BUT - what did happen was Jon found us a beautiful flat that backs to a gorgeous fairy land (pictures to come), on a quiet street, in a quiet building, that's half a block from a nice park with a lake filled with ducks, geese, and swans.  All of the girls are loving being so close to the park and there three walks a day.  :o)

The flat is really bright - which may mean it will be hot come summer but for now it's great.  We do not have our kitchen yet or any lights - for those of you who don't quite understand what that means here's a quick description.  I currently have a tiled room with a handful of plugs, a drain, and connections for water.  The said room is filled with about 6 boxes which will hopefully transform into my kitchen sooner than later.  :o)  Hanging from every ceiling in every room are three wires just waiting for lights to be connected to them.  Due to the fact that Jon is already busy at work, my light and kitchen situation have to wait until the weekend to be resolved.

I of course packed my camera so I couldn't get you guys any fun before and after pictures but what I can tell you is the entire place is white with a light pergo floor.  The kitchen and bathroom are tiled in a grayish white tile.  We do have a balcony that will be big enough for a table and a few chairs when we have it in our budget to splurge on such a luxury.

Take an American grocery store and split it into it's subsequent sections.  Now make all of those sections into their own store.  Okay that's pretty much how it is here in Germany.  All of the stores that make up an American grocery store are just through the park (about a 7 minute walk) a bit further than my Lidl was in Leipzig but all of the stores are clustered so it will be way more convenient.

The tram stop is right outside the grocery store which pretty quickly gets me into town, to the Rhein, to the train station... you get the idea.

I've also noticed that the people have been so much nicer and more welcoming than the people were from my ghetto in Leipzig.  And mom's, you can sleep easy tonight.  I'm happy to report that we are now the riff-raff that's bringing down the neighborhood instead of the other way around.  ;o)

All in all I am soooo happy;  I just wish I could move my friends and family down the block, turn on a few lights, and scramble some eggs.  Am I asking too much, I think not!!!

Miss you all and love you all and I can't wait to reconnect with all of you once I'm a bit more settled.

Hugs and Loves,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Official

Jon and I are the proud renters of a beautiful 3 room flat in Dusseldorf Germany - YAY!!!

Jon signed the contracts today and although it's not in the exact location we originally wanted it may even be better.  We are in the Zoo District and the big Zoo Park is across the street.  Which means more frequent walks in the park for the girls.  We still have a backyard just like we have now - which makes late night and early morning bathroom runs a breeze.  3 rooms so Alessandra will be moving out of our room and into her big girl bedroom.

I can't wait to see it!

Now to get packed, moved out, and moved in so Jon can start work on the 23rd.  PHEW!  I'm tired already!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Mother of the Year

Just earned myself another "Mother of the Year" nomination.  I've been playing the single parent all week which has definitely been keeping me busy.  Tonight Alessandra and I had our normal night time routine; dinner, get ready for bed, pick up toys, nurse, and snuggle until Alessandra falls asleep - or close to it.  I put Alessandra down in me and Jon's bed so I could quickly run the girls outside to go potty before we all could head to bed.  I closed our bedroom door so I wouldn't wake her and headed outside.  The girls were actually pretty quick - which I was SUPER grateful for.  I made it back up stairs in record time, quietly opened and closed the door, took off my shoes and the girls leashes and then tiptoed over to the bedroom door to listen to see if she was crying.  Nope - SUCCESS!  I didn't hear a peep - YES!!!  I made my way to the kitchen to finish putting away the dishes when I heard the strangest sound coming from the bedroom.

mmm   mmmmmm mm  mmmmm     mmmmm m
scratch - -- - -- ------ - scratch
m      mmmmm   mmmmmm mm                mmm

I walked over and tried to push the bedroom door open.  I met a little resistance which was strange so I gave a little push and...

Well, lets just say that when I left with the girls it woke Alessandra and she made her way out of bed and to the door where she was whining and scratching trying to get out to me.  Doesn't that just break your heart.

... when I opened the door I knocked Alessandra over - flat on her back.


For the last thirty minutes I've been trying to soothe my scared and slightly traumatized little girl back to sleep.

Hi, have we met I'm Charmian - Mother of the Year!

Two and a Half...

It's sleeting outside.  Not quite rain, not quite snow.  
I'm cold but I don't want to turn up the heaters.  I'll just through another blanket on the bed.  
I can't sleep.  
I'm feeling really empty right now.  
I want to blame it on Jon for being away but I know it's not because of him.  
Two and a half already.  It's only been two and a half?  
It feels like a lifetime ago.  
I don't feel like it's okay for me to talk about him as much as I used to so I keep it in.
But, I still miss my sweet Pearce, my angle baby, my Stone of Joy.  
I should be sleeping.  
It's just too cold.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Just Can't Take it Anymore!!!

I have to let Mr. Whiskers out of the Backpack!!!


I am pretty impressed with myself for keeping this in as long as I have but I can't stand keeping it a secret any longer.  There are soooooo many things that I want to tell you about so - here goes.

Jon got a JOB!!!!!

I told Jon that I wasn't going to tell anyone so he needed to start spreading the word and well, he wasn't telling anyone, and I can't stand it anymore.  I hate doing this because it really is Jon's news to share but he's not - so I will.  


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's be Clear...

Alessandra is not talking and she is not walking.

On Christmas Day when talking with Grampa and Granny she did take her first step though, which was REALLY exciting.  Since then she has taken 2 steps and 4 steps and even 9 steps, but I would not say that she is walking yet.  She's just too much of a chicken and honestly I'm okay with that.  So, what she will do is stand up, work up her courage, maybe take one or two steps and then sit down and crawl the rest of the way.  Our flat is not baby-proofed, at all, and if she was walking and God forbid running all over this flat I would be in really big trouble.  But I'm hoping we'll have a resolution to that little problem in the not so distant future.

As far as her talking goes.  Alessandra knows a ton of words but she tends to get attached to certain words and forgets to use all the others she knows.  Right now her favorites are "Up", "Dot", and "Eat".  Now, when I say she's saying "Dot" that doesn't mean that Joe from the corner store could walk up to Alessandra and understand a single thing that she says. What it sounds like to everyone else is "DAH DAH" as opposed to when she says "Dad" which comes out like "DA DA".  In fact the only thing she does say pretty darn clearly is "Up", and it's so stinkin' cute when she says it too.

Anyway - that's that!  I just wanted to clarify so all of you who are oceans away don't think I'm raising a savant or anything.  I mean - she is as smart as a whip and I know Mr Enfume and Uncle Joel won't ever let me live that last line down, but it's the truth and that has to count for something - right?!?

So, what marvelous things are your kids doing these days (furry four legged ones count too)?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year

It's amazing how different things can look a year later.  I remember pulling up to my flat a year ago and how scary it seemed.

"Which building is ours?" 
"How do you get in?" 
"Where can we park?"
"Is this a two lane road?"

Now I walk down the street and get mad at the drunkard who's peeing on the lamp post - again.  And I find myself wanting to yell "Schlecht Hund!" at the lady who refuses to pick up her dogs poop (especially when they poop in front of our door),  just like the old men used to yell at me (even though I was picking up the poop).

This is our home and although our stuff isn't in here, the things that are here are starting to feel more and more like mine.  I'm starting to forget how nice it is to cook with my pans that don't have loose handles and my really nice wooden spoons because I've been using this plastic one for so long.

Some things still haven't changed though.  I still HATE sitting down to eat and having our plates be mismatched.  I hate that all of our chairs are sunken in.  And I hate how I can't seem to get the windows all the way clean no matter what I use or how I clean them.  But I love that Dotty is asleep in the chair next to me chasing her squirrels,  paws running, softly barking.  I love that Jon and I were able to enjoy our meal of leftover veggie soup for dinner.  And I love that my sweet baby girl is sound asleep in our bedroom (and when I say our bedroom I mean the room with all the beds that we all sleep in).

I have come to really love it here, and although it still isn't as comfortable for me as The States were, it's growing on me.

A little more everyday.

It's amazing the things that can change in a year.