Friday, January 13, 2012

Mother of the Year

Just earned myself another "Mother of the Year" nomination.  I've been playing the single parent all week which has definitely been keeping me busy.  Tonight Alessandra and I had our normal night time routine; dinner, get ready for bed, pick up toys, nurse, and snuggle until Alessandra falls asleep - or close to it.  I put Alessandra down in me and Jon's bed so I could quickly run the girls outside to go potty before we all could head to bed.  I closed our bedroom door so I wouldn't wake her and headed outside.  The girls were actually pretty quick - which I was SUPER grateful for.  I made it back up stairs in record time, quietly opened and closed the door, took off my shoes and the girls leashes and then tiptoed over to the bedroom door to listen to see if she was crying.  Nope - SUCCESS!  I didn't hear a peep - YES!!!  I made my way to the kitchen to finish putting away the dishes when I heard the strangest sound coming from the bedroom.

mmm   mmmmmm mm  mmmmm     mmmmm m
scratch - -- - -- ------ - scratch
m      mmmmm   mmmmmm mm                mmm

I walked over and tried to push the bedroom door open.  I met a little resistance which was strange so I gave a little push and...

Well, lets just say that when I left with the girls it woke Alessandra and she made her way out of bed and to the door where she was whining and scratching trying to get out to me.  Doesn't that just break your heart.

... when I opened the door I knocked Alessandra over - flat on her back.


For the last thirty minutes I've been trying to soothe my scared and slightly traumatized little girl back to sleep.

Hi, have we met I'm Charmian - Mother of the Year!


  1. I love it!! totally could see where that was going.  Know that I love you guys and miss you tons!!

  2. oh geez, if I had a dollar for every time I did something like that I'd be RICH!! You are an awesome mom!!