Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year

It's amazing how different things can look a year later.  I remember pulling up to my flat a year ago and how scary it seemed.

"Which building is ours?" 
"How do you get in?" 
"Where can we park?"
"Is this a two lane road?"

Now I walk down the street and get mad at the drunkard who's peeing on the lamp post - again.  And I find myself wanting to yell "Schlecht Hund!" at the lady who refuses to pick up her dogs poop (especially when they poop in front of our door),  just like the old men used to yell at me (even though I was picking up the poop).

This is our home and although our stuff isn't in here, the things that are here are starting to feel more and more like mine.  I'm starting to forget how nice it is to cook with my pans that don't have loose handles and my really nice wooden spoons because I've been using this plastic one for so long.

Some things still haven't changed though.  I still HATE sitting down to eat and having our plates be mismatched.  I hate that all of our chairs are sunken in.  And I hate how I can't seem to get the windows all the way clean no matter what I use or how I clean them.  But I love that Dotty is asleep in the chair next to me chasing her squirrels,  paws running, softly barking.  I love that Jon and I were able to enjoy our meal of leftover veggie soup for dinner.  And I love that my sweet baby girl is sound asleep in our bedroom (and when I say our bedroom I mean the room with all the beds that we all sleep in).

I have come to really love it here, and although it still isn't as comfortable for me as The States were, it's growing on me.

A little more everyday.

It's amazing the things that can change in a year.


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