Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"New" Red Shoes

On our way out the door after a quick visit with my girlfriend Jackie and Alessandra's girlfriend Charlotte, Jackie gave Alessandra these little red shoes.  

She was still in a daze from her nap so she didn't know what she had until we got home and I was unpacking our bag.  They came out of the bag and went on her feet.  Not to be removed until bedtime.  

And what did she ask for first thing this morning.  You guessed it, her "new" red shoes.  

It's pretty obvious that she loves her hand-me-downs.  


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Biking Up the Rhein

Last night Jon got me a bike.  A brand new bike - out of a box.  
I was willing to settle on the Comfort bike but Jon was set on getting me the TREKKING 400.  
Sounds pretty impressive huh!  
In a nutshell it's a cross over.  
Not quite a mountain bike and not quite a cruiser.
Which I guess is perfect for me since 
I'm not quite a country bumpkin and not quite a city girl. 

Jon, the stud, actually assembled it with his few little bike tools in the parking lot.

And to celebrate our new found mobility 
we went on a 20km bike ride from our house up the Rhein and back again.

Here we are at the half way point getting ready to turn around and head home.  
Next time I'll have to stop and take some more pictures.  

Jon still needs to adjust a couple things 
and I really want to get a cushy seat 
but otherwise it's AWESOME!!!!

  Love it and I can't wait to ride it again tomorrow!

Yes, you read me right, I said tomorrow - I love my bike!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It's amazing how things change.  

When I was a tween/teen you couldn't get me off the phone.  My daily routine was get off the bus, hustle home, and call my best friend Reagan.  And then proceed to talk to her while watching 90210, or cartoons, or while doing homework, or... well you get the idea.  If I wasn't on the phone with Reagan it was with one of my other friends but the long of the short of it is, you couldn't get me off the phone.

Fast forward 20 years.  Become an Expat.  And BOOM! - I have a new fear.

I am scared of having to make a call.  Ordering a pizza gives me the sweats and I can actually feel my heart rate rising just thinking about it.  This leads me to my confession.  I've been a really bad wife and mama.  Alessandra needs to get in for her 21-24 month check up and Jon has had a toothache for about 3 months now.  I have the phone numbers so I can't use that as an excuse, it's just that I'm afraid to call.  The first thing I say when I call is "Hallo, Sprechen Sie Englisch?"  And usually they respond "Nein"  That's when the sweats and shakes start.  How the heck am I going to do this.  I usually do my research before hand so I know the words I need to say but the problem isn't me saying the words it's me understanding their responses.  
{UPDATE - We have our dental appointment set for October 10th at 11.}  
{UPDATE - Alessandra has her appointment set for her check up.}

My biggest phone related fear is that one day I may have to call 112 (Germany's 911).  Okay, I have to stop thinking about this my hands are shaking, my palms are sweaty, my heart is pounding.  UUUGGGHHH!

The funny thing about this new fear is that it has started to melt into my everyday life.  I now prefer texting to calling even to my English speaking friends.  Talking on the phone isn't the pleasure it used to be.  I wonder what else has/will change as I settle even further into my Expat life.  

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Approaches

It's getting colder.
Blankets have been pulled out of storage and are lying on the couch and bed.
Windows are being closed for the first time since spring. 
Sweaters are being pulled on.
Jon's Homemade Veggie Soup is on the stove.
Soon the leaves will start to fall.

Autumn Approaches. 


Photo Source:  allthingseurope.tumblr.com for the beautiful photo.