Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"New" Red Shoes

On our way out the door after a quick visit with my girlfriend Jackie and Alessandra's girlfriend Charlotte, Jackie gave Alessandra these little red shoes.  

She was still in a daze from her nap so she didn't know what she had until we got home and I was unpacking our bag.  They came out of the bag and went on her feet.  Not to be removed until bedtime.  

And what did she ask for first thing this morning.  You guessed it, her "new" red shoes.  

It's pretty obvious that she loves her hand-me-downs.  



  1. Those are great little shoes, I don't blame her!
    And I love love love your pictures.

    1. Thanks! They took me a little while but I think it was worth the work - they turned out pretty good.