Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It's amazing how things change.  

When I was a tween/teen you couldn't get me off the phone.  My daily routine was get off the bus, hustle home, and call my best friend Reagan.  And then proceed to talk to her while watching 90210, or cartoons, or while doing homework, or... well you get the idea.  If I wasn't on the phone with Reagan it was with one of my other friends but the long of the short of it is, you couldn't get me off the phone.

Fast forward 20 years.  Become an Expat.  And BOOM! - I have a new fear.

I am scared of having to make a call.  Ordering a pizza gives me the sweats and I can actually feel my heart rate rising just thinking about it.  This leads me to my confession.  I've been a really bad wife and mama.  Alessandra needs to get in for her 21-24 month check up and Jon has had a toothache for about 3 months now.  I have the phone numbers so I can't use that as an excuse, it's just that I'm afraid to call.  The first thing I say when I call is "Hallo, Sprechen Sie Englisch?"  And usually they respond "Nein"  That's when the sweats and shakes start.  How the heck am I going to do this.  I usually do my research before hand so I know the words I need to say but the problem isn't me saying the words it's me understanding their responses.  
{UPDATE - We have our dental appointment set for October 10th at 11.}  
{UPDATE - Alessandra has her appointment set for her check up.}

My biggest phone related fear is that one day I may have to call 112 (Germany's 911).  Okay, I have to stop thinking about this my hands are shaking, my palms are sweaty, my heart is pounding.  UUUGGGHHH!

The funny thing about this new fear is that it has started to melt into my everyday life.  I now prefer texting to calling even to my English speaking friends.  Talking on the phone isn't the pleasure it used to be.  I wonder what else has/will change as I settle even further into my Expat life.  

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  



  1. First, I love you! I miss our hours and hours and completely senseless conversation! I think you are very brave. You have come a long way since you got there and have made many friends. I don't think I could do it- actually I know I couldn't! You will get better and better at the language and years from now you can laugh about how hard it was to order pizza. Until then you could always use the talking translator app to get your point across ;). Miss you!! Xoxo

    1. I love you too Reagan! It gives me the giggles thinking back on the hours we spent watching t.v. together on the phone. What did we talk about. Hugs to you and yours!

  2. I'm sometimes like that here and I know I speak the language of the people I'm calling... I feel your pain. When I was in Spain for my semester I had to call for train tickets and I was so scared I wouldn't understand, I just ended up walking down to El Corte Ingles so I would be able to see them face to face and then I could handle it all in Spanish. Sometimes that can make it so much less scary. Miss you!! Maybe we can Skype soon??

    1. That would be great!!!

      And yes, face to face does make all the difference. I miss you! Any luck with plane tickets?