Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Three Years

In the blink of an eye you came and changed our lives, changed us as a couple, 
changed how we would parent your little spit fire of a sister.

I still think of you whenever I see little boys hugging and kissing on their mama.

I have loved you from the moment I saw your little heart beat flickering on the ultra sound screen.  And I will love you until my heart beats for the last time.

Happy Birthday Pearce!
Mommy loves you!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grandpa and Oma's House

July 10, 2012

Here I am at Grandpa and Oma's house.

Doing my normal sweet thing...

and sassy thing...

and gettin' into everything thing.

You know - my normal!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Child Labor and Potty Training

I am all about having Alessandra helping me clean up.  
Especially when she helped in making the mess.

For the most part, she enjoys it.

I said, for the most part.  :o)

But if it keeps her busy and gives me a minute to get something else done and in the process she's helping me even the tiniest bit.  Then I encourage her to help.  If I'm breaking any Child Labor laws then I guess you'll just have to call the authorities, and turn me in.

Because clearly I'm guilty.

Now onto another topic,one that I've been hesitant to talk about.

And that's potty training.

Mostly because I'm afraid to jinx it, but here goes.

Alessandra is pretty much potty trained.  I'm not exactly sure when one is considered potty trained but she's been out of diapers and in panties or pull ups for quite some time.  Yes, she still has accidents but for the most part she goes pee and poop in the potty.  She is a bit obsessed with the potty right now so everything, and I mean everything has to go potty.  So far, knock on wood, nothing has actually fallen in the potty but I do believe Alessandra will have all of her dollies and stuffed animals 
potty trained by the end of the month.



July 7th - 9th

We took a quick detour to Texas to see Grampa, Gramma, GG Dee Dee, 
Uncle Ryan, Aunt Bucket (Camile), and Jackson.  

It was so relaxing.  

We enjoyed some shopping,

(I want to put this in just so I don't forget that it happened.  While shopping in Dallas Alessandra was offered her first modeling job at a show that was going to be taking place next week.  We had to gracefully decline because we had to head back to CO.  But it was pretty flattering.

"Ommy - look at my new pretty dress!"

slip 'n slidin,  

good food, 

and even better company.


Friday, July 6, 2012

New Camera

I got a new camera for my birthday from my Mom.  I love it!  It's smaller than my cell phone and takes really great pictures.  Now I just have to get back into the habit of taking pictures so you can see and not just read about our (not so) crazy little adventures.  Here are a few of our "test" shots.  Above Rose and Cinnamon.

Dale - a little Dazed and Confused recovering from knee surgery.

My Mom.  I'm not sure what's brighter her shirt or her smile.  :o)

And last but not least my brother.  Look at those eyes - WOW!

Love my new camera!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012


June 20 - July 5

B.efore I got my C.amera and after my quick trip over the pond Alessandra and I had a few little get togethers.

On the 21st Dale had surgery on his knee.  Big bummer all around.  It did however give me a chance to run out to the Ranch and visit the Eich's.  Although we didn't get a lot of time with Grandpa we did get to spend the day with Oma.  We enjoyed SpaghettiO's and banana pudding.  We got to see a bunch of birds and horses and all in all had a great day.

Our first weekend we spent taking care of Dale except for when we slipped away for an afternoon to check out the zoo.  It was Alessandra's first time and she loved it.  Especially the elephants and monkeys.

After that came a very warm whirlwind of playdates, playground trips, and outings.

We got to see one of my friends from high school, Krista,  and her two little girls at Monkey Bizness.  So much fun and I was so glad I got to see her.

We also went to the Wild Life Experience.  It was my first time and to be honest I didn't expect it to be so awesome.  It was like the zoo but for Alessandra it was even better because it was shorter, inside, and she could easily find all the animals.

Alessandra and I made it out to the playground I used to play in when I was a kid.  Luckily, for Alessandra's sake, it has been fixed up a bit and she loved it.

A quick lunch date with my Jonesians, and a an ice cream social with Aunt Katy.  A lunch date with my Amber and Lisa - two of my very best friends from high school.  Some cupcakes, fro yo, hugs and giggles finished out our week.

The weekend found Alessandra and I at a Marrieds lake adventure.  It was AWESOME.  So relaxing and fun with plenty of sunshine and water to go around. By the end my cheeks were hurting as much as my heart.  My cheeks from smiling. My heart from the realization that these times are short and before I know it I'll be an ocean away from  all the people I care so much about.

A playdate picnic with my Oracle girls and some of the most beautiful babies in the world.

An extended family trip to the Butterfly Pavillion.  I got to hold a friendly little tarantula and Alessandra got some play time with her second cousins.

We got to see my Aunt Mary and most of her clan.  My cousin Jenna was sorely missed.  She was away on some archaeological expedition - no joke - so I didn't get to catch up with my Jennamerink this time around.

A Barbecue pool party with my Mom and Dale's good friends. to celebrate the 4th of July.  No firework shows this year because of all of the fires in CO so Alessandra had to settle with watching three different shows on t.v. You should have heard all of her owwwws and awwwws.  She loved it.  And we loved watching her.

The rest of the week was jam packed with errands/logistical chores.

It was a crazy couple of weeks and now that I look back on it I was Really Busy, even though I was itching to do and see more.  Isn't that just how it is.