Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Married's Halloween

This Halloween we did what we do best when we get together...

we ate,

we talked and told stories

and since it was Halloween we told scary stories

we drank, and cuddled

we posed for pictures - okay so not really but this picture of Ken was just too cute not to put up

and since it was Halloween, we carved pumpkins 

and showed off our big jack-o-lantern bellies.

All in all it was a great time.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fest

My lovely Reedermans have an annual Fall Fest and for the first time we were actually in the same state so I could partake. 

This is Z - Baby Boy Block - isn't he so adorable!!

During the Fall Fest the girls and Z went for a hike while the boys went mountain biking.  

The boys getting ready to head out on their bikes.

When we got back we had an awesome Fall Feast.  
Well, what else would you eat at a Fall Fest but a Fall Feast?  

Everyone enjoying the Feast!

I couldn't stay for the rest of the shin dig.
Check out what they did after I split on Ben and Lisa's blog.  

Here are a few pictures from our "hike".
We really just walked up a dirt road for a little bit and then came back.
As you can see I'm about to pop and being up that high definitely had me winded.  
None of the girls wanted to deliver a baby that afternoon so we kept it short and sweet.

Our view as we "hiked"

Lisa with all the dogs.
Me and Z - hee hee that rhymes.

Larmian and Chisa!


Friday, October 29, 2010

36 weeks

Well, I've made it to the 9th month

Because I am so close to the end I decided now was a good time to tell you a little bit about this journey.

A little bad, a little funny, but all true.

Top 5 things I'm sick of hearing...

and any other comment about my size - I know I'm big I don't need to hear it from you everyday!!

"Are you having twins?"
nope - still just one

"I think you should sit down."
nobody told me that when I became pregnant that standing and walking would be off limits

"Should you be doing that, you're pregnant"
REALLY, I'm Pregnant !?!

"How are you feeling, you look terrible"
Because this is what every woman wants to hear,
especially the hormonal ones who are 9 months pregnant!

I must be an anomaly
because out of all of my friends I'm the only one who has experienced
the following pregnancy side effects.
(and if I'm wrong and you have experienced some of these let me know)

 When I was pregnant with Pearce I got stretch marks on my boobs.
With this pregnancy I've added to those.
 At about 28 weeks I started getting stretch marks on my sides
and now they're popping up all over the place.

Size large and some XL maternity tops are too small.

I was expecting some weight gain but I didn't think I could gain this much.
The doctor keeps saying everything is right on track but still this is crazy.

I have cellulite in places I didn't know you could get cellulite.

At 32 weeks my wedding ring stopped fitting me.

The only shoes I'm able to wear are crocs and flip flops.

The crazy thing is even with everything I've just mentioned
I wouldn't change a thing because
I have one
healthy baby
in my belly and I can't wait to meet 'em.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Too Pregnant to...

Driving Edition

Yes, it's official, I'm too pregnant to drive.  You see, I drive a manual and for me to reach the clutch I have to have my seat pretty far forward, so far that now my belly hits the steering wheel.  Not just anywhere on my belly but right on my belly button that has been slowly turning from an inny to an outy.

I personally believe that when you get to this place in your pregnancy, your Fairy God Mother should get busy on making you a pumpkin carriage that is pulled by two beautiful white stallions and driven by a silly little man.  This way you don't have to worry about having a sore belly button all day.

I'm just sayin'!

Thank you eventective for the perfect picture.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Few Changes

So some of you may have noticed a few changes to the blog the first being the address. 
We dropped the .blogspot which makes it seem so much cooler - well in my humble opinion 

The second is the comments section has been updated / changed to disqus.  I think this is going to be a good change but in the process of converting we've lost all previous comments, which makes me so sad.  In fact the whole reason I wanted to change was so I could reply to your comments
and now there are no comments to reply to - uugghh! 
Oh well - such is life.

Last but not least I've made some short cut buttons - right now I only have Pearce's done but eventually you can click on any of our pictures in the sidebars and it will take you to all the posts for that family member.

Before I go I did want to just put it out there that I have several posts I'd like to write - I figure if I tell you about them I'll have a little more pressure to get them done.

Here they are:

The Royal Tour
A Little Bit Hippie

 The titles aren't very telling but I think you'll enjoy them all the same.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Charmian OUT*


This may sound like a good thing but at this point in the pregnancy the baby's upside should be down.

So now what I need from all of you is a quick prayer that my little one practices its somersaults and ends up head down so I don't have to have a version and possibly a C-section. 


The only good thing with this news is I don't have to worry about scheduling an induction
- once again, uugghh -
just trying to look at the bright side.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

East and West

For the last 20 years, reunification has been an ongoing process in Germany. Looking in from the outside I never really understood the challenges that faced the people involved in the process. After having lived in the old "East Germany" for the past 45 days I have started to see that there are still challenges to overcome.... but that is not really what I want to talk about.

Rather I would like to briefly comment on the resiliency of the German people and the admiration I have for those that stood together for freedom 21 years ago.

In 1989 Leipzig was the center of the peaceful Monday Demonstrations that started on the 4th of September and ran through March of 1990. These protests were a major contributor in the fall of Communism in the East. This movement is now remembered and celebrated on October 9th, which also happens to be near the anniversary of the creation of the DDR (GDR) on October 7th 1949. Regardless, October 9th is now the day to celebrate those who stood together against communism.

The movement started in the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig, and by 9 October 1989, 70,000 East Germans had joined the demonstrations... the whole time remaining peaceful. By October 16th the number had swelled to nearly 120,000 people and the following week to 320,000 (Leipzig has a population of roughly 500,000). All the while the East German army stood on the sidelines waiting for the order to put a stop to the protests. However, due to the massive size of the movement the military was ordered to stand down and withdraw. I was fortunate enough this year to attend the 21st anniversary of the Monday Demonstrations, at the Nikolaikirche, with some of those who risked everything in the name of freedom.

It was really a touching thing for me. As a person raised in the US having never experienced anything other than freedom, I cannot fully appreciate the struggle that the people around me faced 21 years ago. However, while sitting in the church there was something special happening and it was thick in the air. There was no cheering or shouts of joy, but rather somber reflection on what used to be, the opportunities that lie ahead and most importantly an understanding of the responsibility that comes with freedom.

It is inspiring for me to see the faces of those who were willing to accept unlimited risk and total uncertainty all in the name of freedom. I think that Americans have a lot to learn about what it means to be free and the sacrifices that come in the name of Freedom.

Jon - Jon who?

Well I've had many people ask, "How's Jon?" "What's he been up to?" "Has he made any friends?".  So I've decided to make this blog all about Jon - well at least what I know ;o)

"How's Jon?"

Jon's doing well.  He is very, very busy and finally realizes just how much work this condensed MBA is going to be.  Along with his regular classes he is also taking two German classes (beginning and intermediate).  His days have been running about 13 hours on average and consist of class in the morning, German class in the afternoon and group work in the evening - oh and don't forget my daily phone calls :o)

"What's he been up to?"

He has spent some time with his adoptive parents, they gave him a bike and they even invited him to go skinny dipping - don't worry he didn't go he just watched - Hee Hee, too funny!

He's been hanging out with some of his classmates.  Their activities consist of drinking beer at the pub, drinking beer at the discotec, and last but not least, drinking beer while playing poker.

In the evenings and weekends he's been getting to know his new town and has even found a local climbing gym which he has visited a couple of times.

"Has he made any friends?"

Of course he has, this is Jon we're talking about.  The guy who can walk into a room of total strangers and find something to talk about with every single person.  The guy who can make the shyest amongst us feel totally comfortable and even come out of their shell a little bit.  He even found someone to go climbing with outside!!!! So yes, Jon's made some friends.

Well that's what I know for now - I hope his life can slow down a bit so he can tell you himself just what he's been up to - and maybe even include some of those amazing pictures you've all come to expect on this blog.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big Booger…

I mean Baby!

It seems my little one isn’t so little and is causing Jon and me to have to makes some tough decisions - so any insight you can give would be much appreciated.

Here’s the scoop. I had my normal Dr’s appointment on Monday and the baby is still measuring large – two weeks to be exact. The doctor has suggested that I get scheduled to be induced on November 15th instead of waiting until my due date which is the following week. He had three reasons for this suggestion

1. The baby is big and if I haven’t had the baby by then he/she will be a little smaller, hopefully giving me a little easier delivery

2. If the baby hasn’t already come we can arrange Jon’s flights so he will be able to be here for the delivery – which would be awesome!!

3. If I’m induced then my doctor will be able to deliver the baby – which I thought was really sweet that he included it in his list.

As you may have noticed I mentioned a few times "if I haven't had the baby yet" and that's because I really feel like this baby is going to come on its own and before the due date or the 15th which makes this conversation kind of pointless.  Jon and I would both rather nature take its course and the baby to come when the baby is ready (unless there is a medical reason otherwise, which I guess #1 could be a medical reason – uugghh see this is why I’m asking you for your opinion).
Okay enough talking in circles, please let me know what you think. I would appreciate all of your insights and suggestions.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Extra Curricular Activities

Besides work I’ve been staying really busy with, well, being busy.

One thing that has been fun is all of the lunches and dinners I’ve been able to go to.

I had dinner with a couple of my Marrieds and I was able to enjoy delicious homemade fettuccini alfredo and shared a few good laughs and stories ta’boot.

Next was the Eich Girls Night Out, which was with my Sister and Cousin – N – Law. It was awesome, the food was delicious, and we filled the night talking about all things baby.

I had the opportunity to go to a Rockies game with some of my favorite coworkers. It was a ton of fun and I even got to enjoy a delicious veggie dog (yes – I am a vegetarian and yes the hot dog was surprisingly good)
and cotton candy (I know surprise, surprise).

Here are a few pix from that little adventure.

Rockies in action.

The HR team
My twin, Jules, and Bran

Da' Girls 
More of the game.
Sorry about the pictures being all funny
I had them cropped and rotated and when I went to import this happened. 
If I was more of a techy I could probably fix it - I hope you still enjoy!

I went to another one of my Marrieds for a puppy play date and lunch.  All the girls (Dotty, Ripley, and Emme) had a blast and Emme was nice enough to share her doggy pool with Ripley and her ball with Dot.  It may well have been the cutest thing ever seeing Ripley trying to figure out the pool. 

This week I had lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends that I lost touch with for years and was recently able to reconnect with.  It was so great getting to catch up with her and hear what she's been up to.  I can't wait to get together again!!

And last but not least, this afternoon I got to have lunch with my lovely Mrs Reederman.  She was sweet enough to drive all the way down to my office just for a couple hours of together time.  She's the best!!

Thank you all for keeping me busy,
you are definitely helping my time fly by.
Before I know it the Baby and Jon will be here :o)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

32 Weeks

Only a couple of days late.

These were taken day 1 of my 33 week.

One more thing, check out my how big is baby ticker.  
The baby's officially a honeydew, although it feels more like an average size pumpkin. 


Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Days Down

Well my first 30 days here in Germany are complete! What a ride it has been. The first two weeks were full of pretty intense travel where the goal was to show the old man and my brother as much as possible. The last three weeks have been a blur of school related activity...and today reality hit when I realized it has been a month.

I have been married for 8 years, so a one month anniversary seems a little ridiculous.

"I am in a committed relationship."
"Great! How long have you been together?"
"You wouldn't believe it if I told you. It's been 30."
"Shoot, that long! You don't look that old!"
"Yeah I know, the last 30 days have been good to me!"

What the hell, it is an excuse to get a couple of drinks and some dinner (not that I have needed any excuses so far). Regardless, one month is still a milestone, a step along the way, and should be celebrated!

The scary part about the whole thing is that it has only seemed like a week since I got my passport stamped in Berlin.

The old saying holds true, time flies when you are having fun!