Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jon - Jon who?

Well I've had many people ask, "How's Jon?" "What's he been up to?" "Has he made any friends?".  So I've decided to make this blog all about Jon - well at least what I know ;o)

"How's Jon?"

Jon's doing well.  He is very, very busy and finally realizes just how much work this condensed MBA is going to be.  Along with his regular classes he is also taking two German classes (beginning and intermediate).  His days have been running about 13 hours on average and consist of class in the morning, German class in the afternoon and group work in the evening - oh and don't forget my daily phone calls :o)

"What's he been up to?"

He has spent some time with his adoptive parents, they gave him a bike and they even invited him to go skinny dipping - don't worry he didn't go he just watched - Hee Hee, too funny!

He's been hanging out with some of his classmates.  Their activities consist of drinking beer at the pub, drinking beer at the discotec, and last but not least, drinking beer while playing poker.

In the evenings and weekends he's been getting to know his new town and has even found a local climbing gym which he has visited a couple of times.

"Has he made any friends?"

Of course he has, this is Jon we're talking about.  The guy who can walk into a room of total strangers and find something to talk about with every single person.  The guy who can make the shyest amongst us feel totally comfortable and even come out of their shell a little bit.  He even found someone to go climbing with outside!!!! So yes, Jon's made some friends.

Well that's what I know for now - I hope his life can slow down a bit so he can tell you himself just what he's been up to - and maybe even include some of those amazing pictures you've all come to expect on this blog.

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