Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fest

My lovely Reedermans have an annual Fall Fest and for the first time we were actually in the same state so I could partake. 

This is Z - Baby Boy Block - isn't he so adorable!!

During the Fall Fest the girls and Z went for a hike while the boys went mountain biking.  

The boys getting ready to head out on their bikes.

When we got back we had an awesome Fall Feast.  
Well, what else would you eat at a Fall Fest but a Fall Feast?  

Everyone enjoying the Feast!

I couldn't stay for the rest of the shin dig.
Check out what they did after I split on Ben and Lisa's blog.  

Here are a few pictures from our "hike".
We really just walked up a dirt road for a little bit and then came back.
As you can see I'm about to pop and being up that high definitely had me winded.  
None of the girls wanted to deliver a baby that afternoon so we kept it short and sweet.

Our view as we "hiked"

Lisa with all the dogs.
Me and Z - hee hee that rhymes.

Larmian and Chisa!


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