Friday, October 29, 2010

36 weeks

Well, I've made it to the 9th month

Because I am so close to the end I decided now was a good time to tell you a little bit about this journey.

A little bad, a little funny, but all true.

Top 5 things I'm sick of hearing...

and any other comment about my size - I know I'm big I don't need to hear it from you everyday!!

"Are you having twins?"
nope - still just one

"I think you should sit down."
nobody told me that when I became pregnant that standing and walking would be off limits

"Should you be doing that, you're pregnant"
REALLY, I'm Pregnant !?!

"How are you feeling, you look terrible"
Because this is what every woman wants to hear,
especially the hormonal ones who are 9 months pregnant!

I must be an anomaly
because out of all of my friends I'm the only one who has experienced
the following pregnancy side effects.
(and if I'm wrong and you have experienced some of these let me know)

 When I was pregnant with Pearce I got stretch marks on my boobs.
With this pregnancy I've added to those.
 At about 28 weeks I started getting stretch marks on my sides
and now they're popping up all over the place.

Size large and some XL maternity tops are too small.

I was expecting some weight gain but I didn't think I could gain this much.
The doctor keeps saying everything is right on track but still this is crazy.

I have cellulite in places I didn't know you could get cellulite.

At 32 weeks my wedding ring stopped fitting me.

The only shoes I'm able to wear are crocs and flip flops.

The crazy thing is even with everything I've just mentioned
I wouldn't change a thing because
I have one
healthy baby
in my belly and I can't wait to meet 'em.


  1. KingdomMama29/10/10 9:56 PM

    It might not be that helpful because I *did* have twins, but 'm right there with you on all of your so-called abnormal pregnancy things. And I know a lot of moms of singletons who are right there too;)

    Yea for 36 weeks!! I'm just so, soooo happy for you!

  2. My wedding ring stopped fitting sometime between 20 and 25 weeks. :-) And stretch marks? Oh yeah. So you're not alone!

    Every woman's pregnancy is so unique and different - you're doing awesome and you look adorable!

  3. Oh, my friend, how I love you!

    Ok, I'll stop telling you how huge you are. It's just that you're so darn cute, it's kinda' hard! :) But I'll stop.

    As for those symptoms... By the time I was done, I had one. Count them,
    ONE outfit I could wear comfortably. I gained 55 pounds with Danny and Baiza told me I was fine too. I still think it was too much, but I really don't know how I would have changed that. I just think everyone gains differently with each pregnancy. I quit being able to wear my wedding ring around week 30 or so. I went and got a big sparkly fake one from Target. It made me feel pretty. :) And I got TONS of complements on it. Go figure. From about April to July all I could wear was tennis shoes. Not even flip flops. I was SO swollen and tennis were the only thing that helped. They looked really cute with skirts, let me just tell you. Oh, and cellulite... I just quit looking. I swore it would never go away. The only thing I didn't get is stretch marks, except for on my butt. I swear by Mary Kay Visibly Fit body lotion. I put it everywhere but my butt and then had a rainbow, so I started slathering there too. I slathered in that stuff for a year solid and I have not one single stretch mark left anywhere. Seriously, bathe in it. It's amazing.

    It will ALL go away... even though you feel like your body will never be normal again, I PROMISE it will, eventually. :) Just give yourself plenty of time. In the meanwhile, know that everyone thinks you're the cutest darn thing alive, big tummy, stretchmarks, cellulite and all.

    You're already the best mom ever!


  4. Thanks guys!!!

    You are the best!
    All I have to say is yeah to stretch marks, flip flops, and healthy babies!!!

  5. Jenni Schlecht12/11/10 6:50 AM

    You are NOT the only one with those symptoms! I had them too! Especially with Max- I gained just about 60 lbs, which was a huge surprise after only gaining 22 with Bella. You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever and you look teeeeeeny tiny when compared to a lady I saw at the store today. Congratulations again! I'm so excited for you guys!

  6. Audrey J Harrison12/11/10 9:54 PM

    I think you're beautiful with your Baby Belly, a little big, or not! You look radiant!

    And I have stretch marks all over my sides and boobs too... And I've never been prego! Erg!

    I'm thrilled for you and Jon! Love you, Char-Char!