Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big Booger…

I mean Baby!

It seems my little one isn’t so little and is causing Jon and me to have to makes some tough decisions - so any insight you can give would be much appreciated.

Here’s the scoop. I had my normal Dr’s appointment on Monday and the baby is still measuring large – two weeks to be exact. The doctor has suggested that I get scheduled to be induced on November 15th instead of waiting until my due date which is the following week. He had three reasons for this suggestion

1. The baby is big and if I haven’t had the baby by then he/she will be a little smaller, hopefully giving me a little easier delivery

2. If the baby hasn’t already come we can arrange Jon’s flights so he will be able to be here for the delivery – which would be awesome!!

3. If I’m induced then my doctor will be able to deliver the baby – which I thought was really sweet that he included it in his list.

As you may have noticed I mentioned a few times "if I haven't had the baby yet" and that's because I really feel like this baby is going to come on its own and before the due date or the 15th which makes this conversation kind of pointless.  Jon and I would both rather nature take its course and the baby to come when the baby is ready (unless there is a medical reason otherwise, which I guess #1 could be a medical reason – uugghh see this is why I’m asking you for your opinion).
Okay enough talking in circles, please let me know what you think. I would appreciate all of your insights and suggestions.



  1. I think your doctor's plan sounds very wise. Seems like you're in good hands. :-)

  2. Hmmmm... that's tough. I agree with yours and Jon's desire to let nature take its course... unless there are medical reasons to hurry things along. Which, of course, takes us back to that circular argument. :( oh dear. I would also be tempted to wait to make the decision a little closer to the date... because then you can see what the baby is measuring and if there would be a reason to induce due to size. If your/my/our (cause he is) doctor thinks it's pretty certain the baby would be too big after that date, I'd go ahead and schedule the induction for when he suggests and be glad Jon has a better chance of being there. If he's unsure, I think I'd hold off and see if nature can take its course. I definitely don't envy your decision! But I'm stinkin' excited about meetin' this little one!

    Oh, and we REALLY REALLY have to get together! SOON!!!! ;)


  3. First of all, small babies are not necessarily easier to deliver. I mean, an eleven pound baby might be more difficult than a seven pound baby...ha!...but I don't really think that's what we're talking about (are we?? yikes.)

    The logic (from a midwife's perspective) is that fat babies are squishy:) Small babies have sharp elbows and knees:(

    Also, natural deliveries are much easier than induced ones (just a thought in case you are planning to go drug free).

    As far as I can tell, the only advantage to inducing is that your doctor gets to deliver. That's pretty huge, though, having someone you trust!:) If that outweighs the other things for you, then please disregard everything else I wrote;)

    Praying for you (I feel like I know you!!), and I can't wait to see pictures of your little (big) one!

  4. This is a tough one! And reading all the responses you've gotten has changed my mind even more and making it even more tough to decided. Either way, I can't wait to meet this kiddo and know that everything is going to be great no matter what you choose. If you have a gut feeling, other than the little one, go with it!

    Love you!

  5. Charm, I can't believe it's almost time!! I would be tempted to induce so that Jon can be there - is that going to mess up his school stuff to come early?
    BUT that being said, they gave me pitocin during Aubrey's delivery and it was AWFUL. I know it's not the same for everyone, so hopefully you wouldn't react the same, but for me it was bad. I would definitely prefer to let the baby come when he/she is ready if possible!