Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's be Clear...

Alessandra is not talking and she is not walking.

On Christmas Day when talking with Grampa and Granny she did take her first step though, which was REALLY exciting.  Since then she has taken 2 steps and 4 steps and even 9 steps, but I would not say that she is walking yet.  She's just too much of a chicken and honestly I'm okay with that.  So, what she will do is stand up, work up her courage, maybe take one or two steps and then sit down and crawl the rest of the way.  Our flat is not baby-proofed, at all, and if she was walking and God forbid running all over this flat I would be in really big trouble.  But I'm hoping we'll have a resolution to that little problem in the not so distant future.

As far as her talking goes.  Alessandra knows a ton of words but she tends to get attached to certain words and forgets to use all the others she knows.  Right now her favorites are "Up", "Dot", and "Eat".  Now, when I say she's saying "Dot" that doesn't mean that Joe from the corner store could walk up to Alessandra and understand a single thing that she says. What it sounds like to everyone else is "DAH DAH" as opposed to when she says "Dad" which comes out like "DA DA".  In fact the only thing she does say pretty darn clearly is "Up", and it's so stinkin' cute when she says it too.

Anyway - that's that!  I just wanted to clarify so all of you who are oceans away don't think I'm raising a savant or anything.  I mean - she is as smart as a whip and I know Mr Enfume and Uncle Joel won't ever let me live that last line down, but it's the truth and that has to count for something - right?!?

So, what marvelous things are your kids doing these days (furry four legged ones count too)?



  1. I used to say Uppy Daddy! Just wait, she'll figure that one out too! ;)  My labs at play.. well almost. One prances into a snow 'drift' and makes snow
    angels (ish) until snow gets up the nose. Another takes off and does
    circuits, decides it's too cold and sprints inside. The last applies the
    brakes, sits next to hubby and refuses to go out. None do the deed and all
    are now complaining. Ahh... another peaceful winter's day in Colorado. :)

  2. The girls (the furry ones that is) love the snow and unfortunately we haven't really had any this year :o(  which is why I couldn't add Alessandra to the love list - although I'm sure she'd like it too.

    They love to run and bound through the deep snow drifts and chase snowballs for days.