Monday, December 13, 2010


Church Edition

When you have a newborn everything is new and everything is a first.  Well I'm trying my hardest to document all of the important ones.

Well this morning was Alessandra's first trip to South East Christian.  She was great, I didn't even have to think about packing up and stepping out.  One of our row-mates even commented on how good she was (and I have to be honest, I was so proud).

Like a good blogger I did document today's outing with a picture but somehow it got erased. (I found it - yeah!!!)  :o(  It was a cute one with Alessandra all snuggled up with her WeePaw and Grandmommy.  Oh well maybe next time.

That's it for tonight - Charmian signing out!


  1. Welcome back, Mama. :) I missed you!

  2. How exciting! The first church trip is always a big first. :-)