Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

I love what it means.
I love singing Christmacarols.
I love the smell oa crackling fireplace.
I love thait brings all of my family together.
I love the new traditions Joand I have created.
I love setting uand decorating the ChristmaTree.
I love making, baking, decorating, and eating cookies.
I love the old traditions my parents handed down to me.
I love buying my loveonea gift and watching theopeit.
I love when the weather is cold and the sparkle oa fresh snowfall.
I love my Mom's Nativity, with it's white lights and fresh cuevergreen.

The finished tree, with one adorable little present!

Watching the hustle and bustle of Christmas tree decorating.
Hanging out with Christian

                  Inspecting the ornaments - this one passed the test.
In our Christmas jammies.
Checking out the lights -
she was definitely a fan of the lights.

Taking a break with Grandmommy.

All three of my girls enjoying the tree.

                                           Like Grandmother, like Mother, like Daughter.


Alessandra wasn't much help this year 
but I'm hoping that in the years to come 
she'll love Christmas as much as I do.  

Merry Christmas!

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