Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Godfather

Today we officially became the Godparents to Conner Jae Enfume.  I can't tell you how honored we are and how hard it was to get through the service without crying - I'll blame it on the baby hormones ;o)  There is something so touching about your friends liking you enough to give you something as important as the role of spiritual leader and stand in parent for their child.  We will try our hardest to be the best Godparents we can be.  

Conner we love you and we're so glad you're ours!!!

After the ceremony we headed out to lunch to celebrate.
Conner and Alessandra slept through most of the party but the rest of us still had a good time.

Bethany and Alessandra


Heather "UUUGGHHH" - Holden "D'OH"

I have never seen a little boy love a little girl as much as Holden has loved Alessandra.  
And the crush started when she was still in my belly.  

Heather, Holden, and Alessandra

Such a sweet ending to such a wonderful morning!!!


  1. Yeah!!! We're so glad you both agreed to be his godparents!! Love you tons :-)

  2. Love you too and we're missing you like crazy!  I do want to reiterate just how honored we both our that you chose us.  Thank you again!!!