Friday, December 17, 2010


Smiles and Dresses

On Wednesday Alessandra smiled at me.  She has been smiling in her sleep since day one and smiling randomly off and on for the first couple of weeks but Wednesday, December 15th Alessandra smiled at me.  Now I know everyone says that babies this young don't smile, but I'm telling you she did.  
I was talking to her and being silly - 
I know, so weird, Charmian was being silly - 
anyway I was smiling so big at her and she smiled a big gummy smile
right back at me.  
I have to tell you my heart melted and it made the
chapped nipples and sleepless nights so worthwhile.  
Since Wednesday I have received a handful of smiles,
Grandmommy and WeePaw have been able to steal a few
and Jon was even able to grab a couple via Skype.

I have yet to capture the smile on camera but as soon as I do you better believe I'll post it!

Today Alessandra wore her very first dress!

I have to say she was so stinkin' cute and I'm definitely going to have to dress her that way more often.  
(Oh does anyone out there know where I can find some baby leg-warmers? 
Tights don't really fit her yet but I don't want her little legs to get cold.)

We had to go back to the hospital today so Alessandra could have an ultrasound of her hips done to make sure she didn't have hip dysplasia.  Even though she's a girl and was breech everything is just fine.


Okay that's it for me, 
my little Sweet Pea is finally snoozing here on my chest
so that means it's time for me to head to bed.  



  1. KingdomMama19/12/10 7:06 AM

    She is so darn cute!:)

  2. Thank you Sarah! I'll check it out!

    You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. Just know how much you are all loved. I know we've never actually met but I'm sending a hug your way! Merry Christmas Sarah!