Thursday, September 15, 2011


...I've been lonely.
     My best girlfriend here in Leipzig has been away for a few weeks and I miss our walks and talks.  I miss seeing our girls play.  I miss her sweets and insights.
     Back at home in CO my girlfriends are having babies and getting married and I feel like I'm missing so much.
     Jon has been busy with school and classmates (although this is already getting better and we're getting to see more of him :o)

...I've been happy.
     Alessandra is thriving and becoming her own little person and I love seeing her grow and discover her world.  It seems like there isn't a place she can't get into and when I need a little break I just plop her in Tigger.
     Dotty seems to be doing well and Ripley seems to be doing better (although she's still barking but because of the lack of support from my neighbors in the last week I'm not as worried about upsetting them.)
     We found an amazing babysitter which has allowed me to join Jon on some of his end of school get together and watching Jon doing karaoke with  his friends definitely makes me happy.

...I've been stressed.
     Our world is up in the air right now as we wait to see where Jon will get a job.  I don't see the stress going away until we know where we will be going.
     Money has been tight.

...I've been angry.
     My stroller was stolen on Sunday night from inside my locked building.  So it was one of my neighbors or one of their "visitors".  The landlord won't do anything, the neighbors haven't said anything, and the police don't speak English so it has been a very frustrating process.  Hopefully we can get the insurance money so we can get a new one soon.

...I've been making new friends.
     One of my friends, Candace, told me about an English speaking Christian church here in Leipzig and we've been going for the last few weeks and I've been able to meet some new moms in the area.

...I've been frustrated.
     I decided to start trying to lose weight and well, it's not happening.

...I've been tired.
     I'm a mom and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  :o)

...I've been sad.
     The last few weeks at church and the families with young boys have made me miss my boy.  It's hard to explain the ache I feel when I see little boys.  I'm happy and I love seeing them play but the ache is still there.



  1. Melissaschwartz9715/9/11 8:24 PM

    Hang in there, sweet girl! "This too shall pass...."  God never gives us more than we can handle - I promise. OOXX

  2. Sending you hugs and love! I'm glad you found a church out there and I'm praying that you'll know where you are headed with a new job for Jon soon! Love you!!

  3. Some good, some bad--seems like that is what we are handed.  I think of Pearce daily--your mug is in the cupboard so I see it every morning.  I thought of putting it up in your room but decided I like it to be part of my day.  I was thinking of him a lot this morning, in fact.  I hope Katrine received her package--I put a required signature on the package but I don't think there is anything that will come back to me.  I need to find the PO paper and track it online to be sure someone signed.  I'm glad the girls are some better.  I need Jon's belt info so I can get the box off.  Have visions of Alessandra into everything!! We love all of you and are sending hugs and good thoughts and prayers.