Monday, October 3, 2011

Vernazza & Riomaggiore


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After a late start we grabbed a bus to Manarola where we caught a train to Vernazza.  
We spent the day in Vernazza and then headed back over to Riomaggiore for dinner.  


  1. Oh man, you are bringing back such great memories!  I miss that place so much!!

  2. Can I say it? I'm gonna say it.



  3. We absolutely love Italy so if you ever find yourself headed that way again let us know so we can join you.  Anna and Alessandra would have had a blast at the beach.  
    Miss you!Hugs all around!Charmian

  4. Don't be jealous - just do it!  So many people have asked Jon and I how we can afford to travel it's not because we're rich but rather because it's important to us and we save for it.  So if you really want to go to Italy put a little money away from each paycheck, look for good deals on trips, and cut back on some of your extras and you'll find you have the money to dip your toes into some sand before you know it.  

    Just do it!!

  5. One of our current financial goals is to get to a point where we CAN save for travel. :-) Just facing a lot of expenses in this period of our life. I know I WILL be in Italy one day! And Europe in general. Till then I'll just live vicariously through your blog. :-) 

  6. These pictures are bringing back such fun memories for me too! Wish we could have been with you this time too!