Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Need a Calendar

Every year for Christmas MK/Oma always gives us calendars.  
This year we didn't get any, and boy do we need one.  

We woke up at about 7:45 just like every other day since the move.  We snuggled in bed for a bit chatting about dreams, plans, and agendas.  Jon got ready for work, Alessandra and I ate breakfast.  We said our goodbyes.  Jon made it to the office by 9:00 like he does on most mornings.  He settled in to a fine days work when one of his coworkers walked in and exuberantly greeted everybody with a "Happy February!"  Jon grumbled about how quickly the year was going by and how he couldn't believe it was already February when it hit him.  "Wait! It's February, like February 1st!  Shoot!  It's my anniversary!"  All of his coworkers gave him a very supportive "OOOO - Did you forget? - You're in trouble!"

He went outside and called me.  Ring... Ring...  "Hello" "I didn't forget" Jon blurted.  "Forget what?" I said.  "It's February 1st."  Jon said.  OH!  Shoot!  Well, Happy Anniversary!?!  I said sheepishly.  "Man, we need a calendar!"

Normally I would have my computer that I would get on at least once a day but without internet I wasn't doing that.  So, I didn't have my computer to tell me what day it was and I didn't have a calendar to tell me what day it was so Jon and I snuck into nine years of marriage without any bells or whistles, parties or presents.  And you know what we both survived.

I did get a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my door, oh, and an IKEA kitchen.  So really, this was our biggest anniversary to date.  I mean how many girls get a kitchen for their anniversary, not many I think.  ;o)  But we definitely need to pick up a couple calendars (or MK you need to send us some) so we don't forget to celebrate the rest of the holidays this year.


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