Friday, May 25, 2012


Why is it that when you have things to blog about those things actually keep you from blogging.  Oh time, you're such a precious thing, why do you slip away so quickly and quietly?

A few updates.

Jon and I finally got hair cuts about 3 weeks ago.  It was so crazy - we called this lady and she came to our house and cut our hair.  They aren't the best hair cuts we've ever gotten but for the price and convenience we may just do it again.  Maybe.  But I am happy to say that I finally have my short hair back.  I tried really hard to like it long again but I just couldn't do it.  I guess I'm a short hair girl, which is  weird because when I picture myself I don't have short hair.

After nearly six years of being a vegetarian I am slowly adding meat back into my diet.  It is really hard to be a vegetarian here in Germany.  None meat protein is hard to find and when you do find it it's usually pretty pricey.  Which has led me to relying on eggs, nuts, and dairy for my main source of protein.  Now that Alessandra is definitely not a baby anymore I decided it was time to start losing my baby weight.  I've been trying to lose the weight by cutting back on the nuts and dairy I was consuming.  When I started cutting back I started craving meat for the first time since becoming a vegetarian.  So I have been very slowly adding meat back into my diet.  A few nights a week I'll have fish or shrimp.  My stomach still gets upset when I eat it but my cravings have gone away so I think I'm on the right track, for now.

Alessandra has started potty training herself.  You may think I'm being crazy but I'm not lying.  Well, to be honest I did start potty training her about a year ago I guess.  When she was really small whenever I noticed her going pooh (and I don't mean winnie) I would set her on the potty because - well let me be frank - it was way easier for me to pay attention to her and set her on the potty than to have to clean up a poopy diaper.  Lately I've been noticing that at some diaper changes she was dry or mostly dry so I'd plop her down on the potty and tell her to let all of her pee out and she'd go.  Before long she was running to the potty and telling me when she needed to go.  So for the past week while we've been home sick we've started naked time.  Alessandra is naked or bottomless the entire time we're home.  Obviously I put clothes on her before we leave the house but when we walk in the door the shoes and pants come off.  She has done really well.  In the past week she has had less than 10 accidents.  When she does have an accident I have her "help" me clean up and we talk about where we should put the pee and poop.  I also bought some Smarties for her when she does go in the potty.  So far so good.  But I still don't feel like I really know what I'm doing so...

When did you start potty training your kids?
How did you do it?
Did you use treats/awards?  If so what did you use?
How long did it take?
How did you know when they were ready to go out and about sans diaper?

Thanks for helping a mommy out.

Jon also found out today that he has been invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma because of his academic performance at HHL.  So, my life long dream of marrying a frat boy is finally coming true (okay, not really) .  :o)  I always knew he was a smarty pants in fact it was one of the many things that made me fall in love with him.  But now it's officially official.  Jon's super smart!

Well, I guess that's all the updates for me - for now.

I will however leave you with one more super cute clip.  It's Alessandra having a dance party with her reflection that is of course until she bonks her head.  Enjoy and have a happy long weekend to all of my American friends and family.



  1. I love, love, love these videos!!! 

  2. Dad & I just watched the dance and I also saw all the other videos that I haven't been able to open!  How fun to watch her!  Love her dancing outfit!

  3. The dancing video is so super cute!! I love the surprised expression on her face when she bonks her head. Hopefully there weren't too many tears! Regarding potty training - I think it's awesome she's started self potty training already. Holden was about 18 months when he got started too. Conner on the other hand felt like waiting a bit longer, maybe 21 months. With both I didn't do treats, occassionally if they really want I have stickers but that doesn't really seem to motivate them either. We do a lot of naked time at home for Conner right now. With Holden it was once he was not going in his pants after a long weekend with no accidents that we switched to underwear and he did great. Conner though gets busy and if we put pants or anything on bottom, he'll go like there is a diaper or pullup, so I think he just needs more time but I think we're getting close. We thought Holden was totally ready in Germany before his 2nd birthday but as soon as we got home he regressed and it wasn't until he was almost 2.5 yrs that he was 100% diaper free with no accidents. Don't know if any of that is helpful but I hope so!

  4. Oh my word! That dance party and (sorry Alessandra) the head bump were hilarious!! It almost made me lol and wake up Alejandro in bed! :-D