Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is Anybody Out There?

It has been so long since I've done an update that I'm sure very few of you are even still checking in.  But, Here I am!  Alive and well!  I am settling back into life again.  I've been officially back in my Dusseldorf rotation for a week now and I'm happy to say that Alessandra and I adjusted back to our timezone pretty darn easily (compared to last summer when it took about a month for us to be "back to normal" the three days it took this time around was definitely a success.)

With all this time away I didn't stop blogging - that is to say that my mind still has been reeling with all of the things that I want to tell you.  For crying out loud I still have pictures and stories from over a year ago.  Well, I clearly need to do less talking and more typing.

I'm so glad to be back and hopefully you will all enjoy the pictures and stories of our crazy little expat life.

Hugs and Love to you all!!!



  1. Lisa Kriederman6/8/12 6:11 AM

    I'm so excited for the upcoming posts!  Glad you got a camera - shoot away!

  2. So glad your back! I can't wait to see and read about your wonderful adventures. :) Congrats on your new camera! :)