Monday, November 8, 2010

37 week update

Otherwise known as...
"Adventures in Babyflipping"

My 37th week started out with a doctor's appointment where it was confirmed that our little one is still breech and is weighing in at approximately 7lbs 2oz.
Baby Eich sucking on fist. 

Here is the list of baby flipping techniques I've tried.

I've lain upside down on the stairs

I traced a flashlight down my belly so the baby could “follow the light”

I've lain upside down on the couch

I’ve talked to my belly to try and coax the baby to move down
tapping all the while so my little one knows which way is down and doesn't get lost 

I’ve done an external cephalic version, otherwise known as a version
where they physically try and move the baby by pressing and rubbing on your belly

Checking in to the hospital for the version
I’ve done Moxibustion
a traditional Chinese medicine therapy where you burn Moxa near your pinkie toe nail

I’ve done several different yoga poses

I’ve crawled on all fours

I’ve visualized the baby rotating around into the proper position

I've gone swimming - floating in various positions

and last but not least
I've prayed almost constantly that this little one will get itself turned around

So no flipping just yet but I have faith that my little one will get 'er done!!
and SOON!!

If you have any other ideas on how I can flip this baby let me know.



  1. Hi lady! :) I'm so excited for you!! Any chance we can hang out in the next week? If not, no big deal, but it'd be fun to squeeze in one more hang-out time before Baby Eich makes his/her debut. :)

    I'll be praying that the baby flips! I knowyour heart's desire is to give birth naturally, so I will be praying for that. Know that God has it all in His hands and it will all turn our just as it should.

    I love you!


  2. KingdomMama18/11/10 4:31 AM

    Will your doctor not deliver a breech?? I'll be praying for a flip, for sure!:)