Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Presents!

What an amazing treat...and just in time for Thanksgiving.

Alessandra Mae was born on November 18th at 12:33 PM in Colorado Springs, CO.

The timing worked out great. My changed flight from Berlin to Denver arrived 30 minutes early on Tuesday. Charmy and I spent Wednesday enjoying each other.....I ate Mexican food, which was fantastic and had been on my list of things to do once arriving state side.

Then Thursday came. I'm lucky and so grateful that I have a healthy wife and baby girl. I love them both a bunch! Especially when Alessandra pinches mommy! If I can't enjoy them for the next year, someone has too!

Just some highlights from the "Hotel". More to come.

So much to experience..... I guess now is a good time to start!!


  1. Such sweet pictures, thank you so much for posting. Love you so much, so happy for you guys!

  2. Congratulations! She's beautiful!

  3. Christine Shields22/11/10 8:08 PM

    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! So glad you were there to enjoy the whole thing, Jon. Charmian had lots of beautiful hair too, when she was born. I hope her personality is just like Charmian's! Love you kids so much!
    Aunt Christine in Alaska

  4. Thank you very much. We are super excited to have her with us!!

  5. Christine,

    You don't hope she is just like me!?!