Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cloth Diapers?!?



This post is simple:



But you probably want a little more info than that.  In a nutshell Alessandra is in cloth diapers 24/7.  So, we need to run to the Lidl - she's in her cloth diaps.  A day long trip around town - cloth.  An overnight adventure - you guessed it she's sporting her fluffy little tush.  The only time this doesn't apply is when our outings will take us away from a washing machine for more than three days (or close to it).  I recently went on a month long trip to the states and they came along.  I knew I would have access to a washer and dryer while I was traveling so there were only a handful of days that I ended up using disposables.  The only time I resort to the cartoon covered throw-aways is when we're away for a long weekend/week long trips where we'll be in a hotel or some other place without a washing machine.   

The times and places that people are most curious about are as follows.

Bedtime:  Absolutely, let me tell you how it's possible.  There are these tiny little absorbent inserts sometimes called doublers that can be used to up the absorbency without adding too much bulk.  You pop one in, slap that cloth diaper on, and poof dry nights are all yours (or rather your little ones).

Out and About:   (This is how I do it but depending on the age of your baby and the system you have this process and the tools needed may vary.)  I'm headed out for a fun filled day around town.  I grab my diaper bag and throw in one full diaper (a cover and insert) and then I add two more inserts.  Keep in mind she's already wearing a cloth diaper so this means I have two covers to switch between and three additional inserts.   I put in a wetbag (a waterproof bag for the wet/dirty diaps) and her changing mat (so I can change her diaper anywhere).  I also throw in my travel container with about 5 of my reusable wipes.  (Yes, I use reusable wipes - I'll tell you more about that in a later post.)  I have other stuff in my diaper bag too but that's all I need to make it throw a full day of diaper changes.

Obviously the length of trip dictates the number of inserts and wipes I take but you get the idea.

Well that's it for the when and where like I said  easy peasy.



  1. How on earth do you do this?  Cloth diapers and reusable wipes??  Can you raise my children!  ;)

  2. The how is coming up soon, hopefully today if I have a chance.