Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Concert

Katrin was singing at the Nikolaikirche so we got dolled up and headed into town.  We sat with Gabe and Sophia so the girls could see each other, share snacks, and help to keep each othr a bit distracted.

 Alessandra was so good and only needed two walk-abouts to make it through the whole concert.  During one of her walk-abouts Sophia (who is now walking) came around the corner and Alessandra squealed with delight and tried to run over to her.  She fell down and then looked up at me like I somehow stopped her from walking like Sophia.  It was so funny.  I picked her up and walked her over to Sophia where she assaulted her with hugs and kisses.  She's so sweet and really loves her best buddy.

Afterwards we met up with Katrin at the Christmas Market to chat and sip some gluhwein.  After  our cups were empty and our hands were cold we decided it was time to head home.

It was such a good time and Jon and I agree that we need to keep exposing Alessandra to different concerts, plays, and other cultural events so she can learn how to behave so we can continue to take her as she grows up.

So - what have you all been up to this Christmas Season?


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