Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amazing Creatures

Since summer is getting close, all of our migrant birds are returning, including the Broad-Tailed Hummingbird.

I find hummingbirds particularly spectacular. I don't think any other animal on the planet is capable of such gravity defying displays.

However, trying to photograph these little guys is a MAJOR undertaking. Thankfully, digital photography costs reduce with every image you take. I think I recovered the cost of my camera this morning. 20 minutes and 200 photos later....

I like this shot. The composition isn't what I wanted and the depth of field was too shallow for the whole bird to be in focus, but this shot makes me feel like I'm trying to jump on his back.

Getting nice shots of these little and fast creatures is a challenge, but when an image turns out, it is pretty spectacular. Obviously, capturing a shot when a hummingbird is in flight presents many more challenges than when they are stationary. I have found through trial and error that all the settings on my DSLR need to be in "Manual" mode. Every possible setting (except for white balance) is set by me, including ISO, apeture, shutter speed, and focus. I also believe that my success rate increases when I turn off image stabilization.


Anyway, sometimes I get neat images. When a shot turns out, they are pretty spectacular. Tiny bird with really big abilities!




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