Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Round Head!

May 13, 2010....Pearce would have been 10 months old today.  In an ironic twist of fate, we celebrated his birthday in the doctors office with Charmy receiving a 12 week ultrasound. 

While we were waiting in the waiting room I nervously chatted Jon's ear off, but he was quiet and thoughtful.  All he really said was "So all we really want is a big head, right?"  I giggled and agreed.  We finally were called back and the ultra sound tech put the cold gel on my belly and started the scan.  She barely started when Jon said "That looks like a big head, doesn't it."  I said "Yeah" but I didn't want to jinx it or get our hopes up until the tech said everything was okay.  She didn't really understand and started telling us that the baby's head wasn't too big.  I told her that Pearce had anencephaly and she said "Oh, yes!  That is one big, round, beautiful head!"  Jon and I were so excited.

It is amazing the noticable difference between Pearce's 12 week ultra sound, and this baby's.  Now that Charmy and I know what to look for, we find it unbelievable that our doctor in Texas missed something on Pearce's scan which is now so obvious.  The outcome would not have changed, but to have not diagnosed the defect is unbelievable.  Regardless, our doctor and his staff here in Colorado (thanks Renee) are amazing.  Come to find out, the ultra sound technician that confirmed Pearce's anencephaly last year heard we were coming in.  She sat in the back office and watched our scan, just so she wouldn't miss it.  Once everything looked good she came running into the room we were in to congratulate us.  Unbelievable!

Well, this trip isn't over yet.  In four weeks we'll get the blood results back and in 8 weeks we'll have our big 20 week anatomy scan but Jon and I are just so happy that our baby has a big round head.  We aren't naive enough to think that there isn't anything else that can go wrong but we're so glad that we can check anencephaly off the list.

Thank you all for your continued love and support.  It is because of you, our family and friends, that we've been able to make it through the tough times and look forward to all of the good times ahead.

We love you!!!

Jon & Charmian

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