Sunday, June 6, 2010

12 weeks

12 Weeks

I am one day shy of 16 weeks and I'm just getting my 12 week photos posted.  I obviously need to get caught up on my updates.

A quick note about this pregnancy so far.  I am really lucky, just like my mom was, I am made to be pregnant.  Although I'm curvier now than before and I've had a horrible time fitting into tops because my belly is already so big, I feel beautiful.  But like every women I need to have a few grumblebumps about all the changes that have taken place during this pregnancy so here goes (don't worry it's a pretty short list).

1.  At six weeks I was showing
2.  I didn't have morning sickness - I had end of the day settling down sickness.  It wasn't just nausea it was more like the flu.  I was achy and sore and I just wanted to be held but whenever Jon touched me it didn't feel good - no fun at all
3.  I'm breaking out on my chin and back.


Well there it is.  Good news is that now #2 has passed, so I only need to deal with #1 and #3.  I know all you ladies out there are going to shoot me but I really think I was made to make babies :o) 

12 Weeks


  1. andrew hullabaloo9/6/10 11:13 PM

    #4: your boobs are bigger, although no one's complaining about that.

  2. You are gorgeous!! I think you're right about being made to make babies;) Although, I feel that way sometimes too. Being pregnant is fun!:)