Sunday, June 6, 2010

First time on the Rock

First let me tell you about the "Hullabaloo" family.  They have been our frineds for years now and WE LOVE THEM.  They are the best, we've had many awesome nights that have turned into awesome weekends because we just couldn't get ourselves to leave. 

Well Jon and Nicole (mom) met at the rock climbing gym years ago, six to be exact.  She was the perky little climbing girl that had the nerve to bring her infant to the gym with her.  Jon prayed that she wouldn't ask him to climb with her and luckily she did.  The infant, Mikaela, was the first baby Jon held, fed, and changed and Jon absolutely fell in love with her, just like an uncle should he was wrapped around her little finger and he's been there ever since.  After Jon passed the coolness test we were invited to go climbing with them and meet Andrew (dad). This just happened to be my first outdoor climbing adventure.  Well I made quite the impression when I started crying.  I made it to the top of the rock and back down safely, but still cried like a baby.    

Okay now back to this past weekend. Whatever the reason, whether it was her young start in the rock climbing gym or maybe the climbing genes she got from her mama, Mikaela is quite a natural at climbing.  After a few very successful gym trips with Mikaela and her brother Jake,  Nicole decided it was time to try out the real thing, and climb outside.  Nicole and Andrew brought us along and we are so glad we were there to witness Mikaela and Jake's maiden, real rock, voyage.

I always say the first foot is the hardest.  Here is Mikaela getting help with that first tricky foot.

Jake's turn.

There were a few tears but I think it's a requirement your first time on the rock.  Of course the kids did great and they can't wait for our next trip.  I just hope I can still fit in a harness.


  1. You are so cute. I love all of the photos and stories. Keep them coming.
    Love, Mrs. Hullabaloo

  2. We love you guys too! Can't wait for next week!