Tuesday, July 20, 2010


June 16th - 20th 2010

Moab... Utah's red sand Sahara Desert.  Red sand and spires shooting into the sky as far as you can see.  The only way you'll find shade is by standing in the shadow of the spires because their is no vegetation of any kind...

Well that's what I was expecting so when I saw this...

I was a little disappointed.
Now don't get me wrong Moab was beautiful and awesome, just not what I was expecting. 

We went with the Hullabaloos and it was so much fun.  There was plenty of good food, lizard catching,
and at least one little adventure everyday. 

Delicate Arch

White Rim Overlook

Home Sweet Home
(aka Our Campsite)

I can definitely see why this is one of Jon's favorite places on earth.
I'm so glad I FINALY got the chance to share it with him.


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