Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pearce's B-Day...Part III

Pearce Wynston

July 13, 2009
1:26 – 1:37 a.m.
1 lb 5.4 oz
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
Houston, TX

After Jon and I had some time with Pearce the nurse went out in the waiting room to get our parents and the nilmdts photographers. Hugs and tears were shared all around and Pearce was quickly passed from one anxious grandparent to the next. After about an hour the nurses and doctor kicked everyone out but Jon, Pearce, and one photographer.

(Pearce with Oma)
(Pearce with M&M) 
(Pearce with Grandmommy)

Jon was able to grab a few minutes of rest before they started working on me again. Our awesome nurse started getting everything prepped and against her strict instructions I was still attempting to assist her in moving my 2,000,000 pound lower half around. Well I guess my body had just the right amount of time for the drug to wear off because out of the blue when I was trying to assist her in lifting my leg my reflexes shot to life causing my foot to fly up and smack her across the face – and hard – so hard in fact that I left a foot print on her cheek. My hands flew to my mouth as apologies were flying out, I felt so bad. The nurse didn’t miss a beat; she raised her fist and shook it right in my direction and said “Girl, if I didn’t like you so much I’d take you out back and finish this. Now stop trying to help me move your legs.” I bashfully apologized a few more times and then razzed her that she was just lucky I was half paralyzed.

 She finally finished getting me prepped and my legs in the stirrups when I noticed the doctor was putting on a head to toe outfit, including booties and a splash shield. I teased her saying “You’re not going to climb in there are you?” she responded “It’s going to feel like it.” Jon laughed from his chair in the corner while I lay there wishing I hadn’t said anything. The doctor then explained that because Pearce was so early and small that when he came out the placenta didn’t dislodge like it normally does. So she was going to try and do it by hand. I began to appreciate my decision to get the epidural a little bit more when she was explaining what she was going to do.

The doctor took a step forward, staring at my nether region, and began shouting at the nurse “Stool, Stool!” I instantly sat up in the bed and said “Are you kidding me, I’m pooping right now – Man I really can’t feel a thing”. Everyone in the room, but me, nearly fell to the floor they were laughing so hard and the doctor finally said “No you’re not pooping! Should I have said, something to sit on something to sit on?” Shoot, once again my obsession with my bodily functions struck! Now everyone, including me, was rolling with laughter. After we all settled down, she got back to work.

This next part will be better described by Jon – so here he is to tell this part of the tale.

Well, the doctor sure did climb in there! I don't think you want all of the grisly details, so I'll just paraphrase. Imagine a melon baller the size of a shovel working on a grape.....Charmy thought it felt good. I could make a penis reference, but I will refrain!

Nevertheless, the wrestling match lasted longer than looked comfortable, and ultimately the doc won. It wasn't a clean victory, more akin to gladiatorial battle at the Roman Colosseum, but at least everything was sterile and dust free. Oh yeah, no swords were used, only the melon baller hand of the doctor.

Charmy, you should have been grateful that it was the arm of a woman. I think the smaller the better in this instance!

I don’t know if I would have told it that way but I gave him the reins so there it is. :o)

Anyway, once they were done and they had me cleaned up and changed all the grandparents came back in. While they were waiting one of them found the hospital Chaplin who came in and prayed over Pearce and said some beautiful things to our family. We continued to talk, laugh, hug, and cry until early morning when we decided it was time to say goodbye to Pearce. We all gave him one last snuggle and said one last prayer and sent him on his way. It was so wonderful to have those few hours to see his tiny hands and feet, to hold him close and whisper in his ear even though he was already with his Heavenly Father.

It definitely wasn't what we had planned, but like I said before it was His plan and it was perfect. 

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the wonderful staff at The Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Houston Texas. Thank you for making this very difficult time a time where our family could come together and rejoice in the life of our son, our Stone of Joy! Your care and compassion will never be forgotten.

Jon & Charmian

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