Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Confession Time

I don't love surprises.
I don't like letting people down. 
I get a little uncomfortable if I start losing control.

Which is why when gift giving holidays come around I get a little uncomfortable.  Here's a little example of what I mean...  When I was 10 years old I snuck around the house until I found my Mom's hiding place for all of the Christmas presents.  I then carefully picked through the pile until I found all of my gifts and then meticulously unwrapped, looked at, and re-wrapped all of my gifts.  Later, when I had time, I sat in front of the mirror and practiced my reactions to all of my different gifts until I felt the reaction perfectly fit the present.  Yes I know this is crazy, but it really helped me to enjoy receiving all of those gifts.  I ruined the surprise but at the same time felt relieved that I wasn't going to disappoint my mom by not having the perfect reaction for all of my Christmas gifts.

Okay now back to today and what made me decide to come clean with this confession. 
So I was showing one of my girlfriends the really cool registry site I found when I saw it... someone bought us our first baby shower gift.  I got so excited and relieved, the same relief I had as a 10 year old sitting on the bathroom counter practicing my reactions. 

So what is it that I am so excited and relieved to know that we're getting...


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