Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Showers, Baby Showers & more Baby Showers

Have I ever told you that I'm one lucky lady? 
Well if I haven't let me tell you real quick. 
I am so blessed!!!

I have some of the best friends and family members a girl could ask for.  They are so supportive, loving, and a blast to be with.  Now don't get me wrong, there are of course the bumps and bruises that can occur whenever you put two people together but I still think that I am pretty darn lucky.

Anyway  back to the showers.  I didn't just get one baby shower, I got three. 
Now this may be a normal thing but it sure did make me feel special. 

I've already told you guys about our Bye Bye/Baby Shower which was our baby shower and going away party with friends.  I promise we will get the few pictures we took up soon.

Our second baby shower was with family and it occurred about two weeks ago so I figured it was time to do a post about it.

The whole crew!
(except some of my mom's good friends who just happened to go MIA for the photo)

 Everyone working on my baby book - Best present ever!
Thanks everyone for tapping into your creative juices to give me such a special gift!

Me with my loot - I told you I was one lucky lady!

   Oh by the way, I only allowed people to come if they brought the cutest kids in town!!
Maybe I'm biased because they're all family but I still think they're pretty darn adorable.

Me with my Mom and some of those MIA friends / The Eichelberger Girls

Last but not least was my work shower. 
I was so surprised when I walked into Mimi's Cafe last Friday to see nearly 20 chairs set up.  That's right I had 17 people at my work shower and they showed up at the restaurant at 7:30 a.m. to celebrate the newest addition to my family.
Wow, did I feel loved!!
Here are the only pictures I have from that get together - they aren't great but it's something.

That's it for my baby showers
Thank you all so much...
for coming,
for helping me get stocked up with all of my hippie baby gear
(more about this in another post)
but most of all thank you for joining me in this crazy adventure called life,
I couldn't imagine this journey without you!!



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