Thursday, September 16, 2010

I got to talk to my boy!!!!

I have to be honest; the last four days have been really rough. Jon hasn’t had internet; and no internet means no calls, skypes, or emails. To top off my not getting to talk to Jon I’ve had a pretty rough couple of days and it was really hard not being able to share what I was going through with my Lovenut.

Well luckily that all ended today when I was finally able to talk to Jon. He got a cell phone and he paid 50 euro to have unlimited international to a handful of numbers so even if his internet does go down I’ll still get to talk to him.


I was also able to hear about what he’s been up to (I’ll let him tell you when he has a minute) and get some of my yuck off my chest. It was awesome and although I knew I was missing him it wasn’t until after I got off the phone and the huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and a sense of peace washed over me that I realized just how much that was.

Best news of all, tomorrow morning we get to skype so I’ll actually get to see his face.


Technology sure is making this long distance thing easier. But I do wish he was here to feel the baby dance in my belly and see the girls wrestle and play. UUUGGHHH – this is really hard but I only have 65 more days until I get to see him again.

I love my boy!


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