Wednesday, March 11, 2009

P Update! Week 9

Hi to all my lovely ladies,

Here is your weekly è update. 
Well our little one is officially 9 weeks old which means it’s officially a fetus. 

è is now 1 inch long  and about this big.

So to celebrate I think all of you non-prego girls of mine should have yourself a martini, and while you’re sipping on your beverage check out just how big our little one is getting. :o)

9 Weeks Pregnant: Get Ready for Those Hormones!
Our little è’s head is straightening out and all of the facial features are becoming much more prominent.  è’s insides have been busy too with a new liver, spleen, and gallbladder forming.

Baby, fetus at 9 weeks - BabyCenter

So here’s my update.  I’m doing well, Wednesday will mark the 1 week – no bleeding mark.  Yeah!!! As Jon says “I think you’re really pregnant now”  he’s so cute!  So thank you for all of the prayers, but if you can keep me in them a little while longer I’d really appreciate it.  With the bleeding stopped my energy has sky rocketed.  Now I’m itching to go for a run – but don’t worry I won’t.  I may however start walking for exercise soon. 
I have noticed when I go more than 2-3 hours without eating a little something I get queasy so I’ve been having about 3 meals and 3 small snacks a day and my nausea has been so much better, I’m thinking the queasiness was when my blood sugar dropped too low or maybe it’s because I’m pregnant :o) EEEEHHHH!!!!
I haven’t gained any weight but my body is a totally different shape.  Every day when I get dressed I have to get more and more creative.  I may have to go out and buy a belly band sooner than I was hoping (it looks like a t-shirt but is super stretchy so you can leave your pants and skirts unzipped and the belly band holds them up).  I wanted to make it to 12 weeks before I started growing out of my clothes, but nobody asked me what I wanted it’s all just happening.
Well that’s it for me this week, look for my double digit è update next week.

Love you all!

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