Wednesday, March 4, 2009

P Update! Week 8

Hi My Lovely Ladies. 

If you were wondering what the parasites was looking like it may be because this week it’s nose, lips, and eyelids are forming – will it look more like me, Jon, be the perfect mix, or end up with all of our bad traits? – I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

8 Weeks Pregnant: Common Symptoms

It’s finally starting to look more babyish and less amphibian – yeah!
It’s about the size of a raspberry and moving it’s little arms and legs like mad.  It still has webbed fingers and toes but what would you expect a parasite to look like?

Baby, fetus at 8 weeks - BabyCenter
You might be wondering how I’m doing.  Well today, although tired, I have had more energy, little nausea pretty constantly all day, and very little bleeding (so hopefully that is coming to an end, keep your fingers crossed)

Well that’s all for me I’ll send you another update next Monday.

Love you all, it was so nice seeing you over the weekend.

Talk to you soon!


For even more fun baby pix and information go to Baby Zone, The Bump, and Baby Center.

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