Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am...


Why you ask.


Jon has been really busy with school and other activities which has made our schedules a little less than routine.

Alessandra is still on Colorado time, or rather not Leipzig time.  It has taken her a bit longer to get settled in this time because Jon's and my schedules have been a bit crazy.  I'm hoping we can get settled into our schedules so she can get settled into hers.

Now that we're back Ripley has been even more anxious than ever before.  The result is her pacing every time one of our neighbors has a visitor (Yes, those neighbors).  When Ripley starts pacing, Alessandra starts fussing and I'm awake.

Dotty got sick with what we now know is kennel cough (update - now it seems Rip is coming down with it too). So Dotty hacks, Alessandra stirs, Ripley paces and I'm awake.  UUGGHH!!!

I'm hoping Jon's schedule will settle down, (update - the last few days Jon's schedule has been better and it seems to be helping a bit), Ripley will relax, and Dotty will get better so we can all get some much needed sleep.

FYI - this post has only taken me 5 days to write - I told you I'm exhausted!

Charmian Out!!

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