Saturday, June 4, 2011

M&M come to CO

Your Grandma Mollie and Grandpa Mike love you so much that they flew all the way from Texas to spend one day with you while we were on our little vacation in Colorado.

We met Grandma Mollie, Grandpa Mike, and Uncle Jeremy at an IHOP for breakfast.  You demonstrated your go-go gadget arms and reached half way across the table to the big glass of milk that Grandpa M always drinks with his blueberry pancakes.  The milk went everywhere.  You were soaked, Grandpa M was soaked but otherwise we weren't too worse for the wear.

We finished breakfast and headed over to M&M's hotel room where you took a quick nap while Grandpa M cleaned up.  Afterwards we hung out and played with Grandma and Grandpa's new iPad.  So much fun!  (Well, Mommy thought so at least.)

After a bit we headed to downtown Denver where we...

saw your Cousin John's new shop,

grabbed a bite to eat, 

took some pictures,

snuggled with Grandma M,

and tried 
and tried 
to get the perfect squishy, 

did some window shopping, 
and bought your Mommy some new sunglasses.
We capped off the day with some ice cream, because every good day needs ice cream.

It was pretty much a wonderfully splendid day.  

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