Wednesday, June 8, 2011


...are such wonderful things.  

They're like sisters that don't steal your clothes but do give you hand me downs 
(and in my case, with my cousins, hand me ups). 

They love on you, play with you, and give you their priceless pacis.

They'll wear outfits that coordinate with yours so you really feel like you belong.

They give you a hand and help you up when you fall.

Really, the only problem with cousins is that at the end of the day
they end up going home with their own parents.

One last squishy!

We miss you, and those beautiful blue eyes, toothy grins, and caring hearts!


  1. AW we miss you too!! Soooo much! That was such a fun day =)

  2. I miss all of my precious, beautiful girls.  Love you!!

  3. We miss you too!  It made my heart hurt to write this post.  I wish we all lived closer.

    Love you!

  4. Except for that crazy mom, remember her.  But just like I said above to your mom, we miss you sooooo much.  I wish we were closer so the girls could do this more often.

    Love you!