Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A visit with my Parker Peeps

I was friends with these girls before I was in a training bra.

Don't believe me...
well, here's your proof.
(Krista didn't make this picture, I think she was off playing with the cool kids - but that's Reagan)

and here we are nearly 20 years, 3 husbands, and 6 kids later.

The big kids loved playing dress up,

and the babies did baby things like sleep

and fuss.

Krista impressed us with her awesome kitchen abilities, 
Reagan impressed us with her super baby abilities,
and I just sat back and enjoyed my awesome lunch and chit chatting with my girls.

The good news was none of us were too badly injured from our afternoon of stumbling down memory lane  :o)


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  1. Love it! Thank your for for sharing your day with us and the last 20 years in our hearts! Love you!